Monday , January 30 2023

A Rocky(D)’s life and Colette

Colette was sweating, taking out her irritation on the
weeds in the flower bed beside the house, when she
heard the taxi stop in front. She peered around the
corner of the house, squinting into the late afternoon
sun. Even before she saw the figure sashaying up the
front walk, she grimaced. She knew it had to be that
cunt, Christina, come to collect Denny’s car, but she hadn’t
yet figured out exactly what to do with her. Dennis was
Colette ‘s nephew, and barely 18, brainy but naive, and
Christina was a 31-year-old double divorce, a slimy bitch
who was on the brink of getting him into real trouble.

Neither Dennis nor Colette had quite gotten over the
sudden death of his parents — Colette ‘s sister and
brother-in-law — almost five months previously, and
they’d been spending some extra time together. One such
occasion was last night, when they went to the 4th of
July concert in Riverside Park. And who should show up
but Christina, who wouldn’t know Petr Tchaikovsky from Joe
Borowski. She was wearing a tube top, short shorts, and
heels (of course), but Denny seemed to think she was
just peachy.

Of course he did. When some bitch prances around,
looking like that, any guy — especially one with
galloping teen hormones — was going to hunger for a
piece. And no 18 year old, when he smells pussy, is
going to listen to good advice from his 36-year-old
aunt. She couldn’t even begin to deal with young Dennis
until she got Christina the Slut to back off. But there was
no time to do anything last night. Before Napoleon had
even thought about a retreat, Denny had handed his keys
to Colette , and he and Christina were headed off into the
Now, while he was at work, Christina had come by to pick up
his car and so underline the new level of intimacy
their relationship had reached. Colette flung down her
gardening gloves and entered her house through the side
door. She could already hear Christina’s peremptory knocking.
Colette ‘s level of irritation was now bubbling,
dangerously near the red “FURY” zone. The image of Christina
seducing that green kid was maddening.

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