Wednesday , February 1 2023

A Rocky(D)’s Life with Niki

I had moved to a new area to start a new job and did
not know anyone the property was larger than I wanted
and difficult to protect.

A couple I met from work called Karl and Niki his
second wife and younger than himself he was 40’s and
she a twenty three year old suggested I get a Rocky for
safety and protection, I decided I would go to the
pound to see what they had that might be suitable.

I met a keeper who told me they had the very Rocky for
me Enzo a 2 year old boxer with loads of energy, I
liked him at once and he seemed to like me also so I
took him home.

Enzo settled in well and soon learned what was
required of him he obviously had been trained at some
point but he was also very curious and affectionate
and sometimes got very excited and his cock would
become erect and very swollen, he would go to his bed
and lie there licking at it until he climaxed. Karl
asked me how I was getting along with Enzo and was he
ok I informed him that things were great and as a
thank you invited Karl and his wife Niki over for
food and to see how well Enzo was doing.

On the Friday that week I made food and bought wine
and beer and at eight o’ clock Karl and Niki
arrived. Karl attired in blue jeans and a shirt,
Niki in tee shirt and shorts I noticed straight away
that Enzo was even more friendly than usual and it was
obvious he liked all the extra attention he was
getting as they both petted and stroked him and threw
his favorite ball between them with him chasing back
and forth.

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