Thursday , December 8 2022

A black boxer likes to cuckold white guys by seducing their wives

My name is Ali; no last name and a no nonsense view of
life. What I crave; what I must have is white pussy. I
don’t desire white women that I can have at the drop of
a hat or more appropriately the drop of my pants.

My ten inch rock solid black cock will seduce any white
bitch who comes near the monster. Its length and
thickness (nearly that of most women’s forearms) will
by itself seduce most white wives; wives whose husbands
have developed the twenty second standard rutting
routine of white husbands. Those wives are desperately
searching for a once in a lifetime journey; that I and
other black males can give them.

But those desperate wives are not my intended
conquests. The ones that are allowed to have my black
rod inserted into their wet and willing chambers of
love are those that I am able to rip from their
husbands. The ones that at first do not want to be
unfaithful. The ones that are unfulfilled; unsatisfied;
that have a deep craving for sexual ecstasy.

That sexual fulfillment is not being met by their wimp
ass husbands. The wives that I search for, have a
burning desire just under the surface to be forcefully
seduced by a man that can light their unlit desires;
their unforeseen fantasies. It is at that point that I
enter their lives and take what belongs to me… their
tender white bodies.

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