Friday , December 9 2022

A black neighbor daughter

Sandra listened to her daughter with shock at first.
She couldn’t believe she was saying such things. The
girl wanted to make their white rich neighbors, the Van
Horns, their slaves. She had it all planned out already
and was showing her a tape of Jennifer (Mrs. Van Horn)
seducing the paperboy in her backyard which she had
recorded with her new cam only days earlier. She taught
it was unfair for her mother to work so hard to try to
make a living while the neighbors could screw around
and enjoy the finer things at their pleasure. Just
because she was black.

Sandra had watched the tape at first with disgust and
then found herself getting excited despite her better
nature. Jennifer had made the boy get on his knees and
service her ass while she masturbated herself at his
discomfort. Afterwards, the boy was allowed to
masturbate his cock in front of her while she laughed
at him. It was disgusting the way she used to kid.

Marcie was telling her the plan on how she was going to
blackmail Jennifer with the tape while Sandra was to
seduce the husband into submission. It was totally
ridiculous and the same time seemed to be totally
practical. After all, she had noticed the neighbor
(John Van Horn) had been admiring her body for months
now and shouldn’t be that hard to tame into her toy.
Jennifer; however, was another story, but Marcie was
convinced she could do it.

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