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A bored housewife’s experience with a black male stripper

As a young white suburban housewife in the 1980s I
often became bored with mundane household chores
including caring for my two young children. My husband
was a great father and the love of my life, but
something was missing. Without his knowledge one
summer evening I arranged to drop my kids off at my
parent’s house telling my husband that we were going
to spend the night at the lake. After dropping off the
kids I met up with a girlfriend at a club in the city
that was showing a performance of Chippendale Dancers.

As the night went on I particularly enjoyed the
personal contact as the dancers moved into the
audience for a more close-up view by the women in
attendance. One dancer especially caught my attention.
He was a handsome black man with a great body and
ebony skin that glistened from the active workout. His
name was Bobby and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.
Sensing my interest, he repeatedly positioned himself
right in front of me to dance his pelvic thrusts.

As he looked into my eyes I felt my focus move to the
enormous bulge tucked into his thong and back-and
forth to his eyes. Each time he came by my seat I
could feel his intensity growing and my heartbeat
racing. I ran my fingers over his sculpted chest and
six pack abs. As the show was winding down at the end
of the evening my girlfriend decided to call it a
night and head for home.

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