Wednesday , February 1 2023

A brief sex scene in a dressing room at the mall. Is it Molestation or something else?

This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities to
any real events is completely accidental.

Changing Room Sex Pucer Cupper

Whistling a nameless song you stroll into the changing
room, an assortment of skirts and shirts in your hand
ready to be tried on. Still whistling you begin to
undress, oblivious to the small hole in the wall and
the eye peering through it.

As you undress you take a moment to look yourself over
in the mirror. A smile starts to spread across your
face as you examine you curves. Your hands following
the outline of your body as you think to yourself,
“Damn I look sexy. Men want me and women want to be

The eye continues to watch through the peephole,
drinking in all of the sights.

You reach over and pick out a short little skirt to try
on. Slowly you slide it on, wiggling your hips into it.
A quick glance into the mirror confirms that the skirt
fits, a bit short for public wear maybe, but only
because of the accidents that would be caused by people
staring as you sauntered past.
The skirt is removed and tossed into the maybe pile.

Slowly the door to the changing room opens. Quietly a
man enters and shuts the door behind him. Suddenly an
arm wraps around your waist and a hand covers your
mouth. “Shhhh,” the voice whispers in your ear. “Relax.
I am not going to hurt you. I’ve been watching you
through the hole in the wall and you and I are going to
have a little fun. Are you going to keep quiet?”

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