Wednesday , February 1 2023

A brief story about electronic sex

Tim and I had tried mild bondage on each other but we
quickly discovered we weren’t into anything heavy.
Mostly we like to cuddle, stroke and feel each other’s
cocks in the most intimate of ways. And we do like to
have fun.

So I was a little surprised when Tim told me he had a
surprise for me. First he had me strip naked then he
tied me spread eagled to a towel rack in our bathroom.

“Don’t worry, Sonny,” Tim said as he adjusted the
ropes around my ankles. “I know you’re not into pain
and neither am I.” He then began to suck my cock slow
and tender like only he can do.

My cock, which had been flaccid from my nervousness,
rose quickly from the stimulation. Tim licked a finger
and slid it smoothly up my ass to increase the
delightful feelings I was enjoying. I was only
frustrated by not being able to relax or return his
favors. Soon, I felt the familiar urgency of an
impending climax. Tim must have felt it also as he
released my cock and removed his finger from my ass.

“Please,” I pleaded, “keep going.”

“Nope. First you need to be blindfolded.” With that he
left for a couple of seconds and returned with a black
silk blindfold that he uses sometime to sleep during
the day when he works nightshift. Seconds later I was
standing bound and naked in our bathroom with no way
to see what Tim was going to do.

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