Tuesday , January 31 2023

A business woman and the fake taxi

It had been a very long, boring day. I was in an
unfamiliar city, working with people I’d never met
before, discussing things we weren’t sure were going to
happen. And this was going to last the whole week.
Sighing, I stood outside the building, waiting for the
cab to come take me to my hotel.

I was not looking forward to the rest of the week.

Finally, the cab from the company I had called pulled
up in front. I was kind of surprised to notice the
driver was a young woman, I doubt she was even in her
thirties yet. She saw me and leaned over, calling
through the window. “Potter?”

“Yes.” Thankfully, I climbed into the back seat,
dropping my heavy briefcase onto the seat beside me. A
large notice told me to fasten my seat belt. Another
warned me not to smoke. A third informed me that the
young woman was indeed a licensed cab driver. I leaned
back and tried to relax. Cab rides always have always
scared me. The heavy wire grating separating the front
seat from the rear reminded me I was no longer in my
nice small home town.

“Where to?” the girl asked. I gave her the name of the
hotel, and we were on our way.

Like all cab drivers, she talked a lot. Unlike most cab
drivers, she talked about me. Or, more precisely, asked
about me. Where I was from, what I was doing in town,
how long I’d be here, that sort of thing. I answered
her questions automatically, not really listening to
her, gazing out the window at the tall buildings.

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