Monday , January 30 2023

A businessman in Venice enjoys making love to a beautiful young woman

It was my last night at the Hotel Danieli in Venice,
Italy. Id just closed a major deal, and was
celebrating with a room service dinner and a bottle of
champagne. Afterwards I took a long hot shower, then
stretched out naked on the bed with a book and a Cuban

The July evening was hot and sticky and the air
conditioning was sub-par, so I opened the window next
to the bed and listened to the sounds of gondoliers
floating up from the canal directly below. Maybe twenty
feet away across the canal was another wing of the

As the sunlight faded, the room lights began to come on
across the canal. I got up and turned on all the lights
in my room, then settled back down on the bed with my

A short while later something made me look out the
window to my right. A pretty young woman was standing
at her window in the room opposite mine, staring at me.
She was maybe late teens or early twenties. Long, thick
brunette hair framed her lovely face and spilled across
her shoulders and onto the front of her white hotel
bathrobe. I realized that she had a perfect view of my
naked body, and I gave some thought to quickly covering
up my crotch. Instead, I gave her my most winning
smile. What the hell: this was Italy, after all.

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