Tuesday , March 21 2023

A Catholic girl

Alice was a good Catholic girl, at least in all the
ways that matter. She went to church regularly. She
believed in God. She took seriously the Church’s
teaching on various issues, abortion, just war,
marriage and divorce.

The one thing that she struggled with was sex.

It’s not that she was a wild one or anything. Her
experience was limited. She was a black haired beauty
at the age of 26, with a sweet and sultry voice and a
killer body, pale luminescent skin, legs that went on
for days, perfect curves and proportions. All the guys
were interested in her.

Heck, even some of the girls came on to her. But she
had kept herself held back. She didn’t want to just
mess around. She wanted to follow her religion. She
said no to sex and sexuality. It kept her safe, but it
also kept her lonely.

And this was the difficulty. In the absence of a
healthy sex life, it made Alice want to try bold
things. Her fantasies were rich and plentiful. She
thrived on the attention of men when she’d wear a sexy
dress with her hair long hair braided, clear plastic
high heeled sandals bejeweling her soft feet. She would
blush and say no to all the advances, though secretly
she wanted nothing more than to fuck everybody in the
room. The divide between living her faith and her
fantasy world was driving her mad.

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