Thursday , March 23 2023

A cheating wife must tell her husband she has a venereal disease

My marriage is over, and it is entirely my fault. I
felt like my whole life was over. I sat in my car in
the parking lot of the clinic, crying too hard right
now to even attempt to drive. How could I have been so

I thought back to the conversation I just had with the
doctor. “Mrs. Parks, the blood test has confirmed what
your physical symptoms indicated. You have contracted
case of gonorrhea. Gonorrhea responds very well to
conventional antibiotic treatment, so we can clear this
up very easily. You are very fortunate that you weren’t
exposed to anything untreatable. The law requires that
I report this to the county health department, and I
must ask you for the names of any recent sexual

“I have only been with two men. One is my husband, and
the other is Dan, I mean Daniel Jones.”

“Well, I am required to notify each of them by
certified mail. I strongly suggest that you talk to
both of them before they receive the letter. I know you
must be in shock right now, but you aren’t the first
woman whose husband gave her something more than she
wanted. My nurse will give you a shot of broad spectrum
antibiotic to start your treatment. Here is a
prescription for a ten day supply of oral medication.
After you complete the oral antibiotics, come back in
for a follow up blood test. Avoid all sexual contact
until after we have confirmed your infection is gone.”

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