Thursday , March 23 2023

A chubby, hairy, sexually frustrated college girl

Misty sat in her dorm room on another lonely Saturday
night. This was how she spent all of her Saturdays. A
nineteen-year-old girl ending her freshman year in
college, Misty’s life was an ongoing tale of sexual
frustration. She had always had a pretty face, with
full lips, large blue eyes, and long curly blonde hair.
But Misty had also always been the chubby girl.

She had been burdened with extra weight all of her life
and never seemed to lose it, no matter how hard she
tried. Despite her large, full 38D breasts, Misty’s
chubby body kept her from getting the attention she
craved from men. She was constantly aching for sex, but
could never find a willing participant.

Life was difficult for a chubby, horny girl on a
college campus. Wherever Misty went, there was always a
horde of skinny, pretty, young sorority girls to serve
as competition. And they were the ones who ended up
going home with the guys, not Misty. For Misty, the
worst part was her roommate, Cynthia.

Cynthia was a nice enough girl, but she epitomized the
“sorority slut” archetype. Cynthia rarely spent her
nights in the dorm room on weekends, and was always
eager to tell Misty about her experiences upon her
return. Misty was so jealous of Cynthia and all the
other girls like her. “Why can’t I find one guy?” she
asked herself, sitting alone, “Just one guy who wants
to fuck me?”

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