Thursday , March 23 2023

A College girl trades sex for money to buy the necessary books for her next semester at school

I believe in variety, lost of variety. That’s why I
frequent whores, and places where whores hang out. I
guess you could call me a coinsure of prostitutes. I’ve
probably been with more than 100 different women who
sell their bodies to both men and women.

Anyway, I ran across a real sweet amateur last Saturday
night. On my way home about 10:00 PM I stopped at the
corner of El Cajon Blvd. and College Drive. I was the
first car in the left turn lane and had my driver’s side
window down and saw a real cute girl crossing the
street. She was dressed in a short skirt and was rather
sexy, but not the provocative manner that most
streetwalkers have. I made eye contact with her and as
she got close to me she asked me if I wanted a ‘date.’

Now, I wasn’t out looking for any action; but when
something as nice as this makes an offer I feel that I
should at least explore the possibilities. It isn’t all
that often that this thirty-eight year old gets a crack
at a nice young thing. I told her to get in and we would
talk about it. She got in, I made a ‘U’ turn went down
the street a couple of blocks and parked. She said that
she was real nervous as this was her first time and she
was not a normal streetwalker.

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