Monday , January 30 2023

A daughter learns to take care of her father

Brenda hummed to herself as she did her homework in her room. She had to use her headphones because her mom hated when she blasted her stereo too loud. Brenda didn’t particularly care what her mother wanted but she hated causing problems for her dad. He was sitting in his study working on something, she wasn’t sure what. She felt so bad that he had to hide out with his laptop in a separate room when her mom was on her period, what a cunt.

Brenda always loved her dad more and she let him know it every chance she got. She was always going on errands with him or helping him with his chores around the house. Her mother was clearly jealous and was constantly nagging her about every little thing. She turned her attention back to her earth science homework. Who cared about the makeup of the rocks in the earth’s crust anyway? Ugh, she only had a few more chapter questions to answer and it could wait for the bus ride tomorrow. Her neighbor, Kyle, would practically bend over backwards to give her his answers. Bend over backwards she thought to herself, that was an amusing concept. That’s probably what Kyle and half the boys in her grade wanted from her but she didn’t really take an interest in them.

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