Wednesday , February 1 2023

A Day at the Pool with a Soccer Mom

I lie completely naked on a chaise lounge with my legs
spread wide apart and raised in the air to give my 16-
year old son a good view of my sexually aroused pussy
glistening with moisture.

At the same time, my daughter’s 15-year old boy friend
stands over my head with his wonderful youthful cock in
his hand, jerking himself off and rubbing his cock all
over my face as he does so.

My son holds my legs up with one hand while excitedly
jamming the fist of his other hand up and down his
beautiful erect teenaged cock. Inserting my pretty feet
into his mouth, he starts to suck on my red polished toes
and lick the soles of my feet. His tongue darts between
my long, sexy toes, across my instep to my ankles and
heels, and wetly slithers across the soles of my feet.

I place my hands between my naked thighs and spread my
cunt lips wide apart, knowing this will sexually excite
the three of us even more. My daughter’s boy friend is
getting ready to cum and I want my son to see the
handsome young boy shoot his hot sperm all over my face.
I start to masturbate and know I will cum quickly from
the licentious carnal pleasures and sensations I am
feeling from this incredibly wicked lascivious scene.

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