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A day in the hot tub takes an unexpected turn for a girl and her brother

his story was written as an extreme adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.
Simka walks in the house, glad to be home, glad to be
alone at home. “I think I am going to go sit in the hot
tub for a while and just relax, especially since no one
else will be home for a few hours. She quickly runs up
stairs and strips out of her school clothes.

After a moment of looking in her drawers, she finds a
bikini. It is not her new one, and it is slightly too
small for her, but it fits and she does not want to
spend time finding a newer on. She puts it on, grabs a
towel, and heads down to the hot tub in the back yard.
After turning it on, she sets the towel down, and gets
in. The temperature is just right and she sighs in
relaxation. “Ahhh, this feels so nice.”

Rykker opens the front door to the house, happy to have
snuck out of school so much earlier than his sister
would be able to get home. He runs upstairs and quickly
grabs his Speedo that he has been hiding from his mom,
dad, and especially his sister. He puts it on and walks
downstairs to the hot tub, ready to enjoy a nice
relaxing sit in the hot tub

Simka is enjoying the feeling of the hot water. She is
sitting there with her eyes closed, submerged in the
water up to her neck, oblivious to the rest of the
world. She breathes in deeply, and then exhales just as
deeply. “Oh yeah, I needed this. I needed to unwind and
relax.” She is glad that she is alone and able to enjoy
the hot tub.

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