Wednesday , February 1 2023

A Day Out with the Supermarket Women

Pam tells us about the time she and her daughter were
invited to spend the day with the women from the local
supermarket. Wendy is to be the prize for the best
employees. She is taken on the bus, in the pool, for
lunch and on the way home! Her mother also has fun with
the hotel manager’s daughter.

Ever since Wendy had been chosen as the Supermarket
Princess, we had been welcomed as honoured guests
whenever we went there to do our shopping. I loved the
way the women showed their admiration for my darling
sixteen year old, by following her with their eyes and
licking their lips. They made it obvious that they were
still lusting after her.

Wendy teased them sometimes by letting the more
attractive ones have glimpses of her body, mainly her
legs and breasts. She remembered the way the women had
used her at their party and had often told me that
wished there was a way to repeat the experience.

The manageress of the supermarket, Clare sometimes saw
me walking around the store and she often called me into
her office for a cup of coffee. One day, she poured me
out a cup and said, “Pam, I am going to organise a day
out for the girls. We are running a competition to find
the best workers and the outing is to be part of the
prize for the winners.”

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