Thursday , March 23 2023

A day with my hot Cousin

I rarely have the chance to talk to her or even be together because of our busy lives helping family’s work and of course school. Her room was next door to mine and every time when she is sitting in front of her desk studying, I always peek at her amazing hot body. I especially love her beautiful bare feet and legs because that’s the part mostly not covered.

She is very shy but I discovered that she looks at me when nobody is paying attention; sometimes we look at each other coincidentally and turned away embarrassingly. We rarely talk to each other for two reasons, one is because wer shy another is because we don’t want the other to know wer lusting for each other. I had never thought of having a sexual relationship with her because I know it is wrong and wer first cousins.

But one hot summer, my aunt and uncle was out and its only me and her. I stayed and my room as usual and so did her. Then I heard water spattering. She was taking a shower to cool off the hot weather. I start imagining things. Her hot naked tanned body, with her brown legs and amber torso. I couldn’t bear it, I had to look at her. So I went outside to took the ladder from the garage and place it directly under her restroom.

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