Monday , January 30 2023

A depraved tale in which a young man arranges for his own Mother to be gang-Molestationd

It was just after midnight when I let the guys in
through the back door. They all wore nondescript cloths
and ski masks to conceal their identities because my
Mom had met them all at one time or another.

They tied my hands loosely behind my back and ‘gagged’
me. Then we all paraded up to Mom’s bedroom. I was
getting a hard-on already just thinking about all the
dirty things we’d planned to do to her.

My buddy Bill kicked in her door and Tony flicked on
the light while Dave and Al followed, holding me be-
tween them. My Mother screamed and sat up in bed,
holding the sheets up to her bosom the way women do
when they’re startled. She was dazzled by the sudden
light and it took her a moment to realize there were
four men in her bedroom and one of them was holding a
knife (although a very dull one) to her son’s throat.

Seeing her beloved boy in apparent mortal danger she
was about to scream again when Bill slapped her sharply
across the face, snapping her head to the side.

“Keep your mouth SHUT!” he warned. “Or we’ll cut sonny-
boy’s throat!”

“What do you want?” My Mother asked, pale and trembling
with fear. “Please don’t hurt my son! Take whatever you
want but don’t hurt him!”

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