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A desperate girl finds what she needs right at home – Rocky(D) Sex

I opened my eyes and sighed. The dream was going so
well: I had money, power, and most of all, a loving
boyfriend. At 19 years of age without having had any
sort of lover, I have come to feel a little…
undesired. All of my friends have had some sort of
relationship with guys. Hell, my friend Lisa always
tells me about her fuck buddies from college parties.

Sorry, where are my manners? My name’s Melissa, a 19
year old girl who has become quite annoyed at her own
love life. It’s not like I’m horrendously
unattractive– in fact, I’d say the opposite. I’m a 5′
6″ brunette with C cup breasts. I’ll admit, I’m not
the slimmest or most fit of girls, but I’m right at
the average. I have a square face, but it comes with
deep dark brown eyes highlighted by light brown
eyebrows, a thin nose, and nice, full lips. Seriously,
there has to have been someone who found me attractive
all these years!

Anyways, little had I known that after having that
dream, today was my lucky day. I would finally find
someone who loves me! It was a hot summer day with no
one at home. Everyone was at work, so when I got out
of bed, I decided to take a nice, cold shower and walk
around the house with well… nothing on except my
glasses (I’d be blind otherwise).

There was absolutely nothing to do at home, and none
of my friends had called, so with the dream still
fresh in mind, I decided to take some time to get to
know myself a little better. You know, just to cheer
myself up with some good ol’ self-attention. Besides,
no one would get home until a couple hours from now.

I connected my computer to the TV and selected a nice
video about some teen pretending it was her first
time. Before I pressed play, the Rocky began to whine.
The poor Rocky, he was probably fed up with being
bloated all night! I went over, cooing, “Oh my God,
sorry Rex. Here you go.”

Having Rex around was kind of weird, to say the least.
When I had left for college, we didn’t have a Rocky, but
then 2 months later my family calls to inform me that
they had adopted a family friend’s Rocky. Apparently she
was a breeder who is having to relocate to an
apartment that doesn’t allow pets, so my family took
Rex in. Anyhow, I opened the backyard door to let him
do his business outside. Without further thought, I
played my porn movie and sat on the couch.

As the movie progressed, I sank lower and lower into
the couch until I was practically lying down, knees
bent 90 degrees with my feet on the floor. The girl
was enjoying a good cock sucking when I began to mess
with my tits. I slowly rubbed over them with my hands,
massaging, kneading them together while the girl made
succulent slurping sounds. Oh, how I wished I had a
cock like that to suck!

My nipples hardened enough where I began to pluck them
gently. Small jolts of pleasure raced through my body
as I did so, and I began to softly moan along with the
video, “Ohhhh… mmmm.”

By now my cunt was soaked with my juices and begging
for attention. I sighed deeply when I decided to take
things further and tickle my clitoris. My left index
finger slowly made circles around my clit, sometimes
sliding over to send bursts of pleasure. I gave a high
pitched yelp each time I slid over, “Ugghhhh!”

My right hand moved down from massaging my breast and
began to slowly insert a finger into my pussy,
synchronized with the video where the girl was saying,
“No… Please, it hurts too much!” But the guy didn’t
listen, and neither did my finger, as both of them
just shoved into their respective pussies. The girl
cried out, “Ow, ow, OWWWW!” Opposite to me, I cried
out, “Oh, shit!”

I brought my legs up to get a better angle, inserting
finger after finger. They all slid in easily, my pussy
expanding to meet my demands. I squeezed my cunt
muscles around my fingers while pumping them in and
out, making succulent squelching noises. Each time I
pleasure myself, I am thankful for my tennis racket
getting rid of my hymen so that it was no longer in my
way. It was painful at first, but I grew to love just
about anything I could use to shove in my womanhood.

Suddenly the video froze and I perched myself up on
both arms, trying to figure out why from the couch.
Rex chose to enter the room at that moment, and moved
over to my open legs, straight to my pussy. He began
to lick me ferociously. I felt every taste bud rubbing
against my clit and that sent an enormous wave of
pleasure through me. I arched my back in ecstasy and
shock, yelling, “Oh my God!”

I looked down in confusion as he continued his
relentless assault, drinking in all of my juices. I
just sat there, perched on both arms, looking at him
but not daring to push him away, it was just too good!
My breath came in short gasps in time with the
mounting tension in my lower regions. My face began to
look as if I had to sneeze. I could no longer deny the
pleasure, I began to moan furiously, my voice rising
higher and higher, “Ah, ah, ohhhh, ugh, ugh, ugh.”
Fully giving into Rex’s love, I threw my head back and
screamed without caring who would hear me, “Ohhhh,
mmmm, ah, ah, R-Rex, yes, yesssss!”

Rex sent me into convulsions of pleasure, causing my
back to arch, and me to gasp sharply. I held my breath
with each wave of my orgasm, finally letting it all
out in one breath, “UGHHHHHH.”

Rex just stood there, somehow knowing that I had
reached my max. His hot breath coming in pants on my
eaten-out pussy. Sweating furiously from the heat of
orgasming, my mind slowly came back to reality after
having been hit with the most powerful orgasm I had
ever had. There I saw Rex, and the porn video still
stuck. Then it hit me: I was just been eaten out by a
Rocky. I got up and leaned over to Rex, petting his
head, but he just whined at me.

Thinking it over, Rex had to be trained to recognize
when I was… vulnerable. So then did that mean his
previous owner, who had conveniently been a girl,
train him to do more?

I had to know. I stood up and told Rex to sit. Heart
racing, I threw my glasses off and got down on all
fours, onto the carpeted floor, my precious womanhood
facing toward Rex. His tail thumped the floor and I
could tell he was excited. But nothing happened, he
just sat there thumping his tail. Looking at him, I
could see a small red point sticking out from between
his legs, yet he just sat there complacently.

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