Monday , January 30 2023

A Dom pushes the limits of his submissive, while giving his Rocky a taste

This extreme story was written as an adult fantasy. The author
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

“Easy Enzo,” he said as she began to struggle. He held
her arms behind her. Her legs were held apart by the
spreader, and he felt her stiffen as the Rocky started to
taste her.

She moaned and tried to back away but her Master was
holding her in place. “Sir please,” she said.

“He won’t hurt you. I promise. Let him taste you.”

“Sir I can’t… please…”

The Rockys tongue was becoming aggressive and her body
was betraying her. But her mind, she would batter her
body’s responses into submission using her mind. It was
all she had.

He felt her body become hard as she tensed her muscles,
he mistake it at first for her arousal. Closing his
eyes, he listened to her body and became aware of her
breathing. It was labored but controlled. She was
fighting her responses. Fighting her passions, and

The Rocky became frustrated. She was tasting good, but
something was wrong.

“Let go pet, don’t fight it. Your body belongs to me,
and I want it to feel everything, I want it to feel
pleasure, I want it to feel pain. Your body is mine,
you are mine, and I will have what I want.”

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