Monday , January 30 2023

A Dom/sub fairy tale

I was on my way to my new home with my Master. In a way
it was our first home. Wed saved for years, lived in a
series of small apartments where the neighbors were
always thin walls away, putting money away and dreaming
of what wed have one day. And now the day was here.

This time when my Master had gotten the news of another
transfer hed told me to stay behind. This would be our
last move, he said, so he wanted to go ahead and select
our house and get it ready. I was to stay behind,
finish up with my job, and get rid of everything but
our personal belongings. Wed never bought anything
very nice. It was all temporary. Just what we needed
to get by.

I sat there in the Waffle House, waiting for him to
come meet me and take me to our new home. I didnt even
know the street address. Since I was unfamiliar with
the area it hadnt seemed necessary. He would show me
where it was. Or would he?

As I waited, I started to think about how reckless I
was being. How much trust I had placed in one person.
What if he never showed up? What if he took everything
we had both worked for and disappeared? What if I had
been temporary? Just something he needed to get by?
Left with nothing but a few boxes of photos and books
in the back of my SUV?

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