Thursday , March 23 2023

A dominant wife takes a new lover and her foot slave husband gets to watch

My dominant wife, Teri, is the head of our household. My wife thoroughly enjoys her superior status over me and had has a large collections of whips, paddles, and restraints to keep me subdued. Teri gave me permission to write about my submission to her and her newly rejuvenated sex life.

When Teri learned of my secret desire to be totally dominated, she was more than happy to accommodate me. Her efforts in training me have been well-rewarded for I am now completely submissive to her. Over the years Teri has become increasingly dominant and has developed a penchant for humiliating me. I have a very strong foot fetish and my wife allows me the pleasure of worshiping her beautiful size-8 ½ feet on a regular basis. I must satisfy her completely or face the consequence which usually means a severe paddling of my ass. I have become nothing more than a house boy and slave to my beloved wife.

Even now as I write this, I am embarrassed by these words, but for several years now I been unable to sexually satisfy my wife. Teri has a powerful libido but, unfortunately, I am not a satisfactory lover. My penis is small and I cum much too quickly. Teri began to tease me about the size of my dick early in her domination of me. Eventually, my wife started telling me about different men she had slept with in the past and how much better endowed they were than me. She is always amused by my reaction of jealousy. To compensate for my shortcomings, I happily provide Teri with cunnilingus and analingus whenever she wishes. She also enjoys being stimulated with toys. As it is now, my only source of sexual relief is through masturbation.

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