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A Dreamy Afternoon With My Rain Drenched Mother

This is a real incident that happened when I was in B.Sc First year in a Mumbai College. I belonged to a small town and had come to Mumbai to study. My name is Adarsh. I was at that time 19 years old. I was always interested in exercising and keeping myself fit so I was 6’2” in height and 72 kgs in weight. I had excellent biceps and abs and attended gym even in Mumbai. Since we were well off, I stayed not in a hostel but in a one BHK apartment in Mumbai. I had normal sexual desires but I was a virgin. My cock was also, like the rest of me well developed. I had an uncut cock which was 8 inches when hard and was light brown in colour. I shaved my pubic hair regularly.


Once I fell ill with some throat infection and so my mother had come to look after me for a few days till I was fully recovered. My father had his job so he did not come. Mom actually belonged to Mumbai before marriage but now she had no relatives here. So she could easily come to my place on her own. It was monsoon season so by the time she reached my apartment, she was totally drenched in the rains and very wet. I opened the door as soon as she knocked. He coming was a surprise to me since she had not informed me beforehand. She came into the room and was wearing a saree and blouse which were all very wet and dripping.


Let me describe my mother here. No one will really believe that she is my mother. She looked more like my sister. She was short compared to me and her head came only upto my chest. She was very fair and had long black hair which came down to her buttocks. Here figure was slim, maybe 34-28-36. And she looked almost like a girl. Her eyes were large and lips small and naturally red. Generally speaking she is a very very sexually desirable woman and I had no guilt feelings when I sometimes masturbated fantasizing about fucking her. I did that often.


Now as I saw her standing there totally wet, I felt a stirring inside my underwear. Rather than feeling that my mother had come rushing to look after me, or that she was wet from the rain and needed to dry herself, I felt lust and desire for her tender body rising in me. I was wearing just my shorts and my cock was getting hard underneath. I controlled myself and told her, “You are totally wet Ma, why don’t you dry yourself in the bathroom?”


She said, “All my clothes are wet Adarsh, and my dry clothes are in my suitcase. I cannot take the suitcase into the bathroom. Let me go in, give me a towel and after I dry myself, give me some dry clothes”. She handed over the suitcase and keys to me and went into the bathroom and latched it. I opened here suitcase and took out some clothes. After about five minutes, she called out, “OK Adarsh, hand me the clothes now” and opened the door slightly. I handed over a saree and a blouse and she latched the door again.


After sometime she called out again, “Hey who will give me the underclothings? You have just given me saree and blouse”. I had done this deliberately, so I asked ”what more do you need Ma?”


“Give me one petticoat, a white coloured bra and a white panty. You know all that na?”


“No Ma, what is a Panty”


“Ohoh! It is the underwear you wear below. You are so innocent even at this age” she said.


I already had her assortment of panties on my lap and was feeling each of them. They had Size 36 mentioned on them. There were two white ones. One with some pink flowered patterns and one plain white. I was imagining which of them would be more fun peeling down her legs. I decided it would be the flowered patterned one. Yet I asked, “there are two white ones here Ma, which one?”


“Is there one with a pink flower pattern on it?” she asked. I waited for a minute so that it would appear that I am searching. Then I said, “Yes Ma, it is there”. “Then give it to me” she said. This appeared to be a good sign to me. The one I wanted to take off her, was the one she wanted to put on. I kissed the crotch of the panty, placed the tip of my tongue on its crotch so that it became slightly wet there and I handed over the lot to her.


Soon she came out dressed in dry clothes and hair waving. She might not have noticed that her panty crotch was wet with my licking. I had a small functional kitchen and she went into it. She asked me if I would like anything specific to eat. In my mind I said “Yes ma, your cunt” but aloud I said “Anything you want to cook is ok Ma”. She came out again and opened the refrigerator to see what was inside. I lapped my head, because I had forgotten to hide my bottle of whiskey which was in the refrigerator. “What is this?” she asked “You drink?”. I put my head down and said nothing and thankfully she let it go at that. But there were no vegetables in the fridge and so she had to make some rice which we had with some dal. By then it was past 2 PM and we were both tired, so we wanted to lie down for sometime till evening.


The problem arose because there was just one room and one bed. Anyway we both lay down and stretched ourselves. I was still in my shorts. Mom did not mind because after all I was her son. Soon she was snoring softly. I could not sleep. I kept looking at my sleeping mom. Her mouth was slightly open. I do not know what came over me, but I slowly started lifting her saree and petticoat to her hips. Her legs were sensational. I could see the panty now and it was more wet than it was when I had handed it over to her. Perhaps she was slowly oozing juice.


Something woke her up and she sat up suddenly. Realising what was happening, she asked “What are you doing Adarsh?”


I did expect her to get very angry now, so I thought I might as well tell her my feelings and face the anger rather than simply listen to her. I said, “You saw what happened Ma. I was trying to look at you. You know? You are a very beautiful woman, and I have always fantasised you when I masturbated” I blurted out.


And guess what she did?! She laughed out loud!!! “To think that just two hours back, I called you innocent! Were you pretending that you did not know what a panty is?” she asked sitting cross legged on the bed.


“Yes, Ma, I had already selected this panty for you and you asked for it. To tell you the truth, I must confess that I was thinking which panty would I like to peel down your legs” I said smiling sheepishly. She laughed again and said, “My, my. You have become very naughty indeed. I think I understand now why there was a wet spot on the panty”


“Did you notice it then?” I asked. “I did, but did not think anything of it. What is it? You masturbated in it or what?” she asked. “No No Ma, I wouldn’t dare to do anything like that. I just licked it” I replied.


“How cute” she said.


It was unbelievable how we were discussing so blatantly about sex right away without any inhibitions. I had somehow decided that I should take my mom that day and had felt that I may have to do it by force, but it now appeared that she will be my willing partner in my dream. She lay down again.


“Ma, can I see you fully? Once?” I asked her tentatively.


“Hmmmm. But only see OK? Since you are not as innocent as I thought, do not get ideas. If things go beyond a point, I am a woman too and I cannot do anything to stop it – nor will I do anything. Fucking mothers is not something that is done by many ” she said with her eyes closed.


I was like a kid in a sweet shop. I almost pounced on her and started taking off her saree. She cooperated fully. I could see everything very clearly because it was just 3 PM and the rains had stopped giving way to the sun and there was bright sunlight streaming into the room.


After her saree, I took off her blouse. I have always been a cunt man. Of course I love breasts, but nothing to beat a cunt. So I left her bra on and untied her petticoat and took it off. And finally, what I had only dreamt of just 4 hours back. I peeled the white panty down her great legs exposing here divine cunt to the bright sunlight. She slowly spread her legs so that I could get a better view. But then, before attacking my target, I took of her bra and freed her wonderful breasts too, leaving only her Mangalsutra hanging from her neck. I started taking that off too, but mom said “Let it be Adi, I somehow feel more wicked and aroused with it on”. So I went back down below.


For the next twenty minutes my fingers and tongue and nose played a symphony on her sweet cunt. It was cute and small and covered with thick bushy dark hair. The cunt hole was rather small. I wondered how I must have come out of it 19 years ago. But I kept playing with it, licking it, smelling it, teasing her clit and drawing juice from her cunt and gulping it. She could stand it no more and orgasmed soon. She just shuddered while cumming and her whole body flushed red. After a few moments, she pulled me over her and kissed my mouth deeply. “Adi, my own Adi….” she moaned.


I was rock hard, all 8 inches of me now. She caught hold of my cock and guided it through her love tunnel slowly and I descended. When I pulled out of the silky slippery tunnel, she raised her hips as if unwilling to let my cock go. I gave her very slow and full strokes relishing the silky feeling. Also now that I had lavished my attention on her cunt sufficiently, I noticed her breasts. They were pert and the nipples stood hard and erect. I licked around them and then sucked them. I didn’t expect anything but asked her, “don’t they give milk mom?”. She replied keeping her eyes closed, “They used to when your cock was as small as they are now” and smiled.


She then opened her eyes and looked at me in the eyes. A sort of wild look came in her eyes and she took her mangalsutra and bit it. She gestures me to bite the other end. I did. Thus locked up in the mouth by the mangalsutra and down by the cock-cunt union, we became one. As our saliva washed down the mangalsutra and our juices, our genitals, my tempo slowly increased and soon I was fucking her furiously, looking her straight in the eye. The tip of my cock hit the walls of her womb – my first home – every time I thrust deep. She participated eagerly. Without even thinking much, I ejaculated my semen forcefully, deep inside her cunt. The orgasm lasted over a minute with atleast 20 huge spurts of potent sperm. What if one found an egg in her, worried neither of us at that time. She sighed deeply.


I pulled out and lay there hugging her. She stayed with me for two weeks during which we did much more about which I will be writing soon. For instance that night mother drank alcohol for the first time and my cock entered a woman’s mouth for the first time. If you liked this real incident, mail me at and let me know. Also mail me suggestions for new stories that you like to see from me. Also read my two earlier stories posted on ISS.

After our first fuck, we were both drained and feeling very satiated. We slept off nude, hugging each other, and when we woke up it was well past evening. Almost 8 PM. I woke up first and she was still sleeping, on her side facing me. I put my hand between her legs and tickled her cunt waking her up She stretched and sat up. Kissed me on my mouth once again and walked into the bathroom nude. When she came back, she was wrapped in a towel.


“Shouldn’t we eat something Adi?”she asked.


“Of course Ma, we do not have anything at home, so I suggest we go out for a meal or get something delivered at home. What would you prefer?”


“I am too tired to go out today. Why don’t you phone for some food”


“Sure, what do we have? Any preferences?”


“Something light. Maybe some rotis with chicken curry and some chocolate ice cream? Is that OK with you?”


I was stunned. For we have been strict vegetarians always and we did not even have eggs. In fact even after having been in Mumbai alone for a year now, I have never had anything non-vegetarian, though I had taken to alcohol.


“Chicken Ma?” I asked, not believing what I was hearing.


“Yes chicken. I used to eat chicken outside before marriage and even sometimes after marriage. I love it. You mean you have never had chicken?” she asked.


“No Ma, never”


“Then try. You will love it. And you have whiskey to go with it” she smiled.


I was apprehensive. Not even twelve hours before, my thoughts were to take my mother’s body and satisfy my lust by hook or by crook, assuming that she will be demure and resistive and hoping that she would eventually give up. But the script was turning around on me. It seemed that now she and not I was in charge. Her chewing her mangalsutra which was a symbol of father and his relation with her, and making me chew it too along with her, while at the same time taking my cock deep inside her and letting me ejaculate in her was the first shocker.


Now she wanted to drink alcohol and eat meat, something I had no idea she did before. Anyway, what the heck! You don’t get to fuck your own mother with such passion and abandon daily. So I forgot my apprehensions, called up a a nearby restaurant and ordered chicken curry and some rotis and ice cream.


By the time the food arrived, mother had gone back to the bathroom, taken a bath, shampooed her hair, dressed herself in a saree and blouse as before, applied sindoor etc. and was back. We were sitting on the two reclining chairs in the room when the food delivery guy knocked at the door and delivered the order. I paid and latched the door.


Mom started setting the table and placed two plates and other cutlery. I opened the dinner pack and handed it over to her. She said “Get the whiskey and soda Adi and two glasses”. I silently went and got them. She filled both the glasses expertly and made two large drinks and picked one up. She said “let us sit and watch TV for sometime and then heat up the food later and eat” and moved to the sofa. I picked up my glass and joined her on the sofa. She sat cross-legged and watched the TV slowly sipping the drink.


We were silent but there was an intense sexual tension in the room. We both finished our drink almost simultaneously and she took my glass from my hand and went to refill both. She was remarkably steady on her feet and I guessed that this was not the first time that she was drinking. She came back with another two large drinks and sat down. I must mention here that I was in the same state as I was when I woke up, except that I had pulled up my shorts.


This time as we both started sipping, mother slowly laid her hand on my thighs and moved them upwards. I put my hand around her and we stayed this way for a few minutes. We kept sipping and looking at the TV though we were not paying much attention to the show. I was growing hard, though the drink did not let my cock become really rock hard. I was too relaxed. But an intense sexual desire came up in me like an attack and I placed the drink on the table and got up and pulled down my shorts and became nude. As if on cue, mom too placed her drink on the table got up and slipped off the saree and blouse. Surprisingly she had NOTHING underneath and was as nude as I was. We both sat down and picked up our glasses, and finished the drink.


“Want one more for the road Adi? Or rather for the bed?” asked mom, and I noticed that her words were slightly slurred. But she was steady and spoke clearly enough though there was a dreamy quality to her voice. I was getting reckless too. “Why not Ma?” I asked and this time, I got up and carrying both the glasses went and refilled them and came back. I placed both on the table and sat down. “No more after this. The chicken must be feeling lonely and cold on the table” she laughed and picking up her glass, had one sip and then placed the glass on the table. I did likewise and she then lay down on my lap keeping one leg straight and one bent at the knee, facing up.


She looked at me in the eyes and asked, “Did we do wrong this afternoon Adi?”


“If we had not done it, I would have done it Ma, anyway it would have happened today. So let us not get into the ethics of the matter. Also you too do not seem as innocent as I thought you were Ma”


“No I am not. But sexually, I have never had sex with anyone other than your father till now believe me or not. You are only the second”


“I believe that Ma. But by any chance are you unhappy with dad? It surprised me how we chewed the mangalsutra today as if defiling it with spit. Can you tell me?”


“I do not know Adi. He is a good man, he loves me and all that. But there always has been a wicked streak in me. He has always been so mature. I am not and can never be as mature. But do we need to talk about this now?”


“We can talk what you want to Ma. For me what we did and what we will most certainly be doing again and again is more important”


She turned her face sideways facing my crotch.


She inhaled deeply.


“You did not bathe after we fucked”? she asked.


“Shall I Ma?”


“Doesn’t matter Adi. This smell of our dried juices and sweat arouses me a lot. Good that you didn’t take a shower” she said, inhaling deeply once again. She took my half hard cock in her hand and it was inches from her face. She peeled back the foreskin fully exposing the head. The head was swollen and red with desire by now. She put out the tip of her tongue and touched the tip of my cock.


“Can I call you by your name Sneha, when we are like this” I asked.


“No. Call me Ma. We are a son and mother fucking and enjoying sex. We need to remember that. That is what adds spice to this forbidden act. That is what makes it wild and wicked. There can be a hundred Snehas and a hundred Adis. But we are a mother and son, in sexual union. That awareness makes this special. In fact keep calling me Ma as frequently as possible when we are doing anything sexual” she replied. Strange logic. Erotic logic. But for her cunt I would accede to any logic.


She took my whole cock head into her mouth and ran her tongue around it. She bit my corona slowly. Then took the cockhead out of her mouth and said, “let us eat. Else I might bite your cock head off. Your flesh is for pleasing, not eating” she laughed and got up and stretched. She went to the table poured the chicken into a bowl and put it in the over to heat it. She took it out and divided it into two portions in to bowls.


“You sure you can taste the chicken? I ask because you say you haven’t eaten meat. Should I make something else for you”


“What else is there? Besides when you are eating, I guess I can eat some too. And moreover it is some other flesh I am more interested in right now than the chicken. So I will eat a bit and continue if I like it”


“You will love it, I promise” she said and we sat down on the dining chairs, nude. She started eating with relish. The way she ate told me that she has been eating meat for long now and I copied her. Indeed the chicken tasted very good. We finished our meal and I was regretting there was no more chicken left. I collected the dishes and left them in the sink, washed my hands, brushed and went into the bedroom. Mom was in the bathroom.


When she came back she was nude again. Only the magalsutra on her neck. I also went to the bathroom because I had to pee and came back.


“Come to me Adi”, she called. “Take me and make me feel as if I am just a body attached to a very sexual and sensitive cunt”


I straddled her body placing my cock on the entrance to her cunt. “You started something which I would love if you finish Ma. You started sucking me on the sofa” I said.


“Later lover, later. We will do a lot as long as I am here. Be assured of that. Right now I want to be fucked as we did this afternoon” She said.


This time she did not guide me into her. I entered her on my own. Like before I gave her long loving strokes, hitting her womb walls each time. “Mom, I ejaculated inside you this afternoon. I believe you are still fertile. Do you think you will get pregnant?”


“We will cross that bridge when we come to it Adi. Do not bring in other things while we are at this. Please” she said, closing her eyes and sighing, as if to enjoy the sensations within her cunt. I kissed her deeply and our tongues played with each other. I licked her teeth and lips and cheeks. And this time I did not wait to be told. I took her mangalsutra in my mouth and after sometime, opened her mouth with my fingers, and spat it out into her mouth with a gob of my saliva. She swallowed my saliva and after sometime reciprocated, spitting it back into my mouth with a gob of HER saliva, which again I swallowed. We did this a few times, all the time fucking at a slow pace.


I took my right hand to our crotch area and slid it between our bodies and touched her clit which was by now prominently erect. She moaned. I pulled out my cock fully and brought my head down to her cunt. Mom opened her eyes to see why I withdrew suddenly. Maybe she thought that I withdrew because I was about to shoot. “Put it back in Adi, I want you to fill me up with your semen son” she said urgently.


“I will mom, I will, just a moment. I want to see a friend down here” I smiled at her and spread open her cunt lips to get a better view of her clit. It was cherry red and real hard. I kissed it tenderly and licked it with the tip of my tongue. It suddenly started vibrating and my mother’s cunt was liberally oozing out nectar so that my face was fully wet with her juices.


Soon, as in the afternoon she started shuddering and going deep pink all over and I knew she would cum right away. I got up fast and shoved my cock into her cunt and started fucking my mother furiously. My cock was throbbing too and we orgasmed simultaneously. Once again I simply hosed her womb with my semen and she was shaking all over like a jelly holding me tight. It took me longer than it did this afternoon to empty my balls inside her.


“You know what Adi?” she asked dreamily, “this fuck was much much better than the first one though you were not as hard as you were then. Know why?”
“Why Ma?”


“Because alcohol desensitizes the cock and sensitizes the insides of the cunt. So you fucked longer and I got more pleasure. Also meat diverts more blood towards the genitals and makes the nerves there very sensitive”


“We know you are biology teacher mom. But let us not have a biology class here on bed” I said and kissed her mouth deeply and withdrew my cock from my mother’s soggy cunt.


We progressed more and more towards sexual summit doing all kinds of things as days passed. I will write more in the third and concluding part soon. If you liked this real incident, mail me at and let me know. Also mail me suggestions for new stories that you like to see from me. Also read my two earlier stories posted on ISS.

We slept together that night. Both nude and wet and dripping juices all over the bed and hugging each other tight. We slept well. It was almost 9 in the morning when we woke up. Mom was the first to wake up. She must have woken up some five minutes before and had dived to my crotch. She had peeled back my foreskin and was sucking my cockhead and the sensations hardened my cock and I woke up too. For some time I was groggy from sleep sex and alcohol and did not know what was happening. I put my hand on my crotch and felt my mom’s head. It was then that I remembered all that had happened yesterday. When I had woken up yesterday, I did not have an inkling that this was how today would begin. How twists and turns come in life! It was a divine experience that I was going through and I kept my hand on mom’s head and let her do what she was doing.


She was sucking me giving my cockhead sensations I have never imagined existed. Slowly she slipped more and more of my cock into her mouth and the cockhead encountered the obstruction of her throat. I do not know what came over me but I gave a mighty thrust and my hard 8 inch cock got past the barrier and entered her throat. She did not expect this and gagged. Also she straightened her neck so that my cock now had a straight line path into her throat. Her gagging was almost like the trembling of her cunt walls while she orgasmed, but throat muscles being stronger, they squeezed my cockhead tighter. I gave up and shot my juice straight into her stomach. She did not have to swallow for my cockhead was beyond her throat. I pulled out and she came up. “Adi it hurt when you rammed your cock past my throat” she said. “Don’t do that. Tell me and I will take it in fully”.


I apologized to her for hurting her and reciprocated by going down on her. Her cunt was still glistening from last night’s fuck and oozing love juices because of her arousal. I smelt it deeply and then started licking it. I hardened my tongue and put it as deep as possible inside her cunt hole, playing with her clit with my fingers. Suddenly I had an idea. I looked up at her. She was watching me licking her intently. “Give me your mangalsutra Ma” I said. “What for?” she asked. “Just give it to me thats all” I replied. She unhesitatingly took it off her neck and gave it to me and with it I tenderly touched her clit.


Then I started slowly rubbing her cunt fully with it gently so that the hard metal did not hurt her delicate tissues. This startled as well as aroused her so much that she started moaning with her eyes closed. I touched her peephole with a tip of the mangalsutra and she issued a spurt of pee drenching it and my face. Then she started shuddering and she came violently. I put my mouth back on her cunt and started licking furiously so as not to lose even a drop of that life giving fluid. She came three times in succession and for a long long time. And then lay back spent.


After sometime she got up. “Look Adi, since yesterday afternoon we have done nothing but fuck, lick and suck. Let us bathe and go out for sometime. Maybe have lunch outside and watch a movie and comeback by evening. To be frank I have never had so much sex in such a short time ever in my life. I am a little sore. I think so are you. Let us abstain for a day and carry on from there. She said. I agreed and she went into the bathroom after about an hour fresh and radiant and fragrant. Then I also went in and freshened up, took a leisurely shower and came out nude and dressed. “Your cock looks great even limp” she said watching. I smiled at her waving my limp cock at her. She laughed.


We left my apartment by my bike and first went to a restaurant and had an excellent seafood meal, my first. Lobsters, prawns and fish with rice. Then we went to watch a movie and during the movie, mom placed her hand on my crotch. I looked around and the cinema hall was almost empty and since it was rather dark, I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. She silently masturbated me and when I came I grabbed my cock and covered it with my handkerchief so as to avoid staining my jeans with semen. I wanted to pleasure mom too, but she said, not now. So we watched the movie and came out. It was cool inside but warm and humid outside so mom started sweating.


She had forgotten her handkerchief at home and asked for mine. Not remembering what I had done sometime back, I gave it to her, and not having seen what I had done in the darkness, she took it and wiped her face with it, spreading my semen all over her face. She was startled and I could not control my laughter. I told her what had happened and she smiled too. Then with the dry part of the kerchief she carefully wiped off the semen from her face. By now it was 4 in the afternoon and since it was humid and sultry, we went to a bar and had a chilled beer.


We were like a newly married couple going by our behavior but the fact that we were mother and son added a sinful pleasure to all that we were doing. We went to the beach and walked around for a long time, eating groundnuts and drinking coconut water and walking on the beach and sitting on the sand looking at the setting sun. When it was dusk, we went to a nearby temple, prayed and on the way back to my apartment but dinner for both of us, mutton and rotis this time. We also bought a full bottle of whiskey and two bottles of soda and reached home at about 8 PM.


Then mother went to the bathroom to have a long shower and came back as fresh as usual but nude. I followed her and took a bath and came out nude. It was nearing 9:30 now.


“Have you watched porn Adi?” Mom asked. She was lying nude on the bed in her usual posture one leg bent at her knees and facing the ceiling.


“Yes” I said. I had a huge collection in a 1 TB hard drive and if I wanted more I could always get them on my laptop with the wi-fi connection in the room. I also had a wall mounted 32 inch LED TV with USB input. “I have watched a lot mom. Want to watch some to warm you up? Or are you already primed? I asked bending towards her cunt and prying open her lips. She was slightly wet.


“Yeah why not? Yesterday night we watched some stupid movie that was distracting us. Tonight we might as well watch porn with our drinks” she said. I saw that two glasses were already filled and I went to fetch my hard disk. Connecting it to the TV I asked her “what kind would you like?”


“Anything, but hardcore” she said. I had an incest collection too. In one movie a mother teaches her teenaged son and daughter how to have sex. It was a Japanese movie and I put it on, picked up the glasses, handed her one and sat down near her.


The movie on the TV started with the son and daughter trying sex in her bedroom and being very clumsy. The mother suddenly walks in and they get terrified. The mother then calms them down and strips naked herself. She first teaches the son about the female sex organs using her own body and then demonstrates the male sex organs to her daughter using her son. She then couples with her son to show him how to fuck. She shares attention and time equally between her two children. We finished our first drink by now and refilled our glasses. Mom was seriously aroused and was fingering herself.


“Dont waste yourself on the movie Ma or I will switch it off. Hold it. This is just to heat us up. We will finish our drinks and then have dinner. Then we will pleasure each other” I warned. She took her finger out of her cunt and licked it.


As we started our second drink, the mother in the movie was teaching her son how to do foreplay on a woman making him do it to his sister. She made him lick his sister’s cunt and suck her nipples. She made him kiss her deeply. She also taught her daughter how to arouse a man by making her slowly masturbate her brother and kiss his cock and squeeze his balls etc. Finally she let her son fuck his sister and they both reach orgasm. With this we finished our second drink.


“If you had a sister, would you have liked to fuck her Adi?” Mom asked.


“I think yes” I said as I handed her the third refill. “And would you have been as willing as this woman to teach us?” I asked.


“Yes, I would” she said. We sat up and watched the rest of the movie which finally ended with the son fucking the mother and licking his sister’s cunt and bringing all three to orgasm. We finished our drink with that and heated up the mutton and had dinner. After the long walk in the beach we were ravenously hungry. I realised that my past three meals all were meat based. And I liked mutton better than chicken. It was a kind of flesh I could sink my strong teeth into rather than the soft chicken pieces.


We were very open now. Even as we were eating, we did sexual things to each other. After we finished, we gathered the dishes and put them in the sink and went to bed. I straightaway got on top of mother and started fucking her straightaway. I and she were really horny and we both finished quickly the first time. Then leaving my cock to soak inside her warm wet cunt I lay straddling her, sometimes kissing her mouth, sometimes nibbling her nipples, and sometimes sucking at her mangalsutra. The mangalsutra by the way now was smelling deeply of semen, cunt juice, saliva and pee. It was fun.


After soaking my limp cock in her cunt for about twenty minutes, I got up went to the bathroom to relieve myself. Mom walked in behind me and held my cock while I urinated. It appeared such a natural act that I stood by while she sat on the toilet seat and peed. I washed my hands in the pee streaming out of her peehole and rubbed it on my body.


We walked back into the room holding our hands and I sat on the edge of the bed, while she sat on the floor and took my cock in her mouth. This time she deliberately sucked it and made it hard and arched her neck back and gestured me to drive my cock in. I did and she remained passive. I fucked her throat like I fucked her cunt. After over a hundred strokes, I released my semen in massive spurts.


I now knelt in the floor and she stood up straddling me. I licked her to orgasm very slowly taking my time. It was well past midnight. We once again fucked that night, drained ourselves totally and went to sleep nude and hugging each other tightly. Over the next 12 days, we did nothing but fuck. I was very sad to see her go back to dad but then we had started this and will be doing it periodically now.


Several weeks later one afternoon, my mother called me up and said that she was pregnant. I was really startled. “What do we do now Ma?” I asked. “What do we do?I am a married woman and I have been fucking your dad since the day I came here and he is happy that I am pregnant. But I wanted out. I told him that it would not look right for me to have a kid when my first son was past 19. So we are getting it aborted soon. Sorry Adi” she said. I did not know whether to feel relieved or sad.


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