Wednesday , February 1 2023

A family gathering at a rented house leads to a mix-up and mistaken bed partners

This story was written as an fantasy. The writer
does not condone the described behavior in real life.

My parents had rented a house for the week. My brother
(the second oldest of four) was graduating from the
academy and his wedding was planned to coincide. There
was going to be a gathering of family, most staying at
the rented house and just a few deciding to opt out for
motels. We arrived at the house in the afternoon and
were greeted by some of the celebrants who had arrived
before us. Others continued to show up throughout the
afternoon and into the evening.

There was much catching up on the goings on of each
branch of the family over much good food and, for the
adults, not a little drink. With so many people
staying, space was tight and many had to double up to
accommodate everyone. I was to share a bed with my
little brother. I was not too thrilled about that and
decided that I could do better.

I had explored the place when I first got there and
discovered a very tiny room off the basement corridor.
It was not much more that a large closet but it had a
roll away bed in it and I figured any bed by myself was
better that being kicked in the ribs all night by my
kid brother. Later that evening, as everyone retired to
their designated rooms, I retrieved my stuff from the
car before sneaking off to the basement and to bed.

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