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A family goes boating and ends up owning a nude campground and marina

As an adult, for the first few years, I (Jim) lived by
myself and developed the habit of not wearing clothing
in the house, nor outside if I could do it without
causing an uproar by the neighbors. I had a privacy
fence around the back yard, and only those in the
apartment buildings across the street could see into my

I was about 30 when I met my wife (Karen). She almost
always dressed like she stepped out of the 1900’s. Dark
colors, long skirts and blouses that you could hide a
truck under. But she had a great personality. When you
could see her figure, it was pretty good. 5ft 6in, 34D
24 30.

I kept after her and after we were married, she loosened
up somewhat. Her dresses started getting shorter (up to
her knees) and instead of drab colors she brightened up
somewhat (still dull to me, but much better than she had
been). Her blouses became a little more form fitting, at
least now you could tell that she had tits.

Karen wasn’t too thrilled about my nudist habits around
the house, but she toleraTom it. It took me 3 months of
working on her to convince her that she didn’t need to
wear a nightgown to bed. Since there was just the two of
us in the house, she finally gave in and quit wearing
anything to bed. That made me very happy.

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