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A Family Incident

My wife and I have been married for twenty two years. We
both got married when we were 17. We have a daughter 21.
My wife started having an affair with, and left me for a black
stud named Vick. We had been separated for over a year. Nothing I
did could get her back in town and back to me. She was now
thinking of divorcing me.
My mother as well as our daughter and my sister tried to talk
with me and her and acted as emissaries to work out
things so as to salvage our long happy marriage. I still
loved my wife Judy very dearly.
Judy didn’t want to give up Vick, even if she stayed
with me. Her reason, he was just the kind of “real man” she
My family understood her and presented me with the deal they’d
worked out. My wife was there with them.
“I want you to know I love you still no matter what you think
about me and the arrangement I presented to your
family.” I hugged and kissed her, then we sat down for
mother to lay out details of the brokered arrangement.
My wife and I held hands as mother explained the
I was dumfounded by the proposal presented. My wife,
Judy still held my hands as she explained that I’d never
satisfied her fully with my small prick and that she knew
there was no way to turn herself away from Vick’s “good
The women in my family told me they understood her
position and thought that the deal was good for both of us.
“Daddy, I’ve been with a black man and I don’t think I
could ever go back to a small white cock again. So I know
how mom feels. It’s not your fault dad. And don’t feel
like you’re being put upon. We all still love you, but I
think it’s time for mom to enjoy more than you have to
offer.” My daughter said in defense of her mother as well
as trying to console me. My sister echoed a similar
sentiment. Mother even surprised me that she too revealed
she’d been with a few black men since being a widow and
understood fully, as well as supported my wife’s position.
“Son, you’ll be near her and you two can spend time together.”
Spoke mother.
When I asked about still having sex with Judy, she held my
hands tighter as she nervously spoke.
“Well honey, my cunt has been stretched quite a bit by
Vicks big rod, and I just don’t see how I’d get any pleasure at all
from your little, er, your prick anymore. So, honey you see, I
don’t see any need for you to even trying putting it in … and
also … Vick didn’t like the idea of you having intercourse with
me, once he and I move back to the house.”
I know I looked and sounded pitiful. My voice cracked
as I asked `What am I suppose to do? Do I have to go to another
woman to get off?’
“Of course not dear. Plus, I won’t tolerate you messing around with
another woman. Honey you can still suck my pussy. I know you like
doing that so much, and you do it real good. And Vick has agreed
to that. But dear, I love you very much, but You see, I . I want
you to jerk off when you need some. That way I’ll know for sure
you’re sincere about wanting me back. That’s the only way I’ll
agree to you living with me and Vick. And definitely no other woman
permitted” My wife said with stern sincerity in her voice.
“T-That’s nuts. I.I have my needs. I.I’ll want to put it in
My wife smirking slightly, shook her head emphatically
signaling no to my statement and spoke. “Only your tongue dear,
nothing else”.
“B-But I-I just can’t jack off any mo., I-I mean.”
“We know what you mean son. We all know that’s what you’ve
been doing since she’s been gone.” Mother interjected.
“N-No, I-I should be allowed to v-visit women for.”
“WHAP!” My mother slapped me so forcefully I reeled sideways
from the unexpected impact. Her quickness caught me off guard.
“How could you be so selfish at a time of crisis like
this?” My mother shot out as she towered over me as I rubbed my
bruised face.
“Daddy how could you think of not being faithful and
devoted to mom?” Cried my daughter.
“Brother! You know I use to spank you for mom, when you were
naughty. With that kind of insensitivity and talk, I’ve got a good
mind to take you across my knee right now.”
Yelled my older sister, who was physically able to do as she
The three women easily intimidated me as I cringed and sought
protection as I cringed by my wife’s side. The person who was the
cause of all this anger being directed at me. I continued to hold
her hands. The vigor of my family’s reactions surprised and
frightened me. They were all larger than me.
“Now! Now! What he said is just a knee jerk reaction.
You’re just confused and flustered aren’t you honey?” Spoke my
errant wife with an air of soft authority.
`Y-Yes dear.’ I replied meekly.
“I thought so.” She said kissing me on my forehead.
“There’ll be no more silly talk of other women. This is
what we’ll do. When you need some, we’ll help you
masturbate darling.”
The other three women readily agreed with my wife that
her idea was much more sane and reasonable. They all
offered to help me out when I needed sex.
“Don’t you worry a bit daddy, I’ve jerked many a cocks
off into kleenex pussies. You can count on me to help out.” Spoke
my daughter in a boasting tone.
“It’ll be like old times brother. I’ve jacked you off
many times. Remember all those times you got hard from
looking under my skirt?” Said my sister chuckling.
Mother also chimed in and reminded me how she use to
jerk me off before I went on dates, so as to take some of
the fire out of me so I wouldn’t get any girls pregnant.
Needless to say, I was not only shocked and alarmed by what
was happening to me, but deeply embarrassed as well.

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