Monday , January 30 2023

A father tosses out his gay son and gets a tough lesson

Katisu stepped from the shower and immediately dried
himself with a towel. He saw Mahito lying naked on the
bed, his hand slowly stroking his hard cock. Katisu was
nineteen and Mahito was twenty. They both worked for
the same company, loading trucks at the dock yards.
Katisu was still living at home with his father but he
was making plans to move out in an apartment with
Mahito as soon as they enough money.

That afternoon Katisu’s father returned home early to
find his son naked in bed with another man who was
sucking his cock. In a rage of anger, his father
ordered Katisu out of his house and to never return
again! He told Katisu he no longer had a son. He said
if his mother were still alive she would be disgraced.

Katisu and Mahito managed to get a small place and
turned it into a home for the two of them. Katisu,
however never forgot how his father had tossed him out.
He thought his father knew he was gay when he was back
in high school. One evening in a local bar Katisu heard
a man talking about having his co worker roughed up
because he kept parking in his space.

There was a man they said, that would do it for a
certain amount of money. They would not really hurt the
co worker but rather put fear into him. This gave
Katisu an idea as he bought the man a drink.

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