Friday , February 3 2023

A female teacher at an all girl’s school falls in love with her student

This sex story is totally fiction!

Donna seemed like any other everyday person. She had an
rather large build. She was 5’9 and quite stocky with
long blonde hair. She was a teacher at an all girl’s
high school and seemed to favor particular students
openly; all but one whom she favored in a different
way. She was a sophomore and her name was Angelica.
Donna particularly admired Angelica’s beauty. She had
long brown curly hair, green eyes, full lips, and stood
at a petite height of 5’2 with a slim figure.

Every time Angelica walked into her class Donna’s eyes
lit up. She glanced at her every minute she could
without looking obvious. One day, she couldn’t take it
anymore and wanted more than to just be able to look at
her beautiful Angelica, so she devised a plan. She knew
Angelica went home by herself certain days of the week
and decided to take advantage of one of those days. She
waited until a rainy Wednesday and followed in her car
at a distance to remain unseen. When she caught her at
a secluded spot, she drove up next to her and honked
the horn.

“Hi sweetie, need a ride so you don’t have to walk in
the rain?”

“No thanks Ms. Greene,” she said with a soft smile.
Obviously not intending to drive her home, she
continued insisting until Angelica finally accepted.

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