Wednesday , February 1 2023

A female vampire seduces a young stripper

Jezebel watched intently as the young girls on the stage
swung themselves about brass poles. Their bodies
undulated to the rhythm of the music beneath the bluish-
purple wash of the lights. It was a Wednesday night and
there were relatively few patrons in the club.

“Hey, Jezzie!” Eddie yelled from behind the bar. His
voice could barely be heard over the pounding of techno
bass-riffs. “Hey, Jezzie! You want another Noose?”

“No, thanks,” she yelled back. She hadn’t quite finished
the one she had and didn’t think she would be around
long enough to drink another.

Besides, her attention was elsewhere. The young bodies
on the stage. Three of them and all as beautiful as the
other. They looked eighteen or nineteen, with the
exception of the taller brunette in the center. She
looked as young as the other’s, but something in her
eyes set her apart. Her soul was an ancient one, but she
had a young heart. Jezebel thought she looked like she
had spent her life searching for something. She didn’t
know what. Neither did the young girl, she would bet.

As the brunette wrapped her long legs around the pole,
Jezebel got up from her stool and walked across the
floor. There were two tables directly in front of the
stage. She sat in the one nearer the object of her

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