Wednesday , February 1 2023

A flashing wife gets more than she bargained for when boys photograph her asleep and naked

My husband Jack was away on a business trip and I was
feeling a bit lonely. Just pottering around the house.
There is only so much housework you can do before you
go out of your mind.

There was a knock at the door and two boys, one about
20 and the other slightly younger. They wanted to earn
some money and asked if they could cut the grass or do
some odd jobs. They look so cute that I couldn’t resist
and I let them mow the lawn.

They did the front lawn first then went around back. I
thought I would have some fun and lay on a lounger near
the patio window so they could see me if they bothered
to look in. I was only wearing a housecoat and panties.
I removed my panties with the intention of flashing my
pussy at them. But I waited and waited but they seemed
really busy and laying there with the hot sun shining
through the window, I fell asleep.

I was startled by banging on the window. It was the
older boy. He was pressing what looked like a photo to
the glass. I went over to get a closer look and was
shocked to see it was an instant picture of me with my
legs wide open and no panties and my shaved pussy was
clearly visible, as was my face. There was no mistaking
that it WAS me.

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