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A Girl Chooses a Coach – Part 1

Sudhir sat in his corner of the large hall that served as his house’s living-cum-dining room and watched the young girl bounce about. Aruna, his 22-year old niece had recently got married and had just come back from her brief honeymoon visiting her mother, and both mother and daughter had dropped by at their house to say hello.

Sudhir had always had an awkward time around Aruna in recent years. The girl didn’t seem to understand that a grown up girl needs to be circumspect with men — even if those men are relatives.

That is the custom in Indian homes. Till she is a toddler it is fine for uncles and older cousins to carry the kid all around the house and fete and treat them. But once she was in her teens- and especially if she had attainted puberty — the nature of that interaction changed.

Some of them remained playful and tom-boyish but the physical touch was completely eliminated. Not even a handshake, let alone a hug.

And so it jarred him every time Aruna came visiting. She would insist on a proximity that bordered on intimacy. And yet, the girl behaved as if sex did not exist. Nothing else could explain her behavior as a teenager — right though her teens — and right up to the days leading up to her wedding day.

Whenever she spotted Sudhir she would exult “Daddy-uncle!” and throw herself at him. Expressions like ‘daddy-uncle’ are typically Indian. It happens when families are close and also share a friendly bond. The kids look up to their father’s friends. Then they want to call them by a term that reflects more than just the primary relationship.

This is what made her actions even more appalling. If he was standing she would give him a no-holds-barred hug, her body clinging to his. If he was sitting she would jump onto his lap. Sometimes she would sit on him the way little children do; back to Sudhir facing the same side as him, with her legs dangling on either side of his legs. At other times she sat cross-wise, both legs to one side and an arm around him. Sudhir would squirm to keep his cock from coming into contact with the girl, desperately hoping that her movements did not result in a hard-on.

Sometimes it did result in a hard-on. And some contact was inevitable. But Aruna didn’t seem to notice. And that was the mystery. How could a 16-, 18-, 20- and now 22-year old just about to get married not know? And if she didn’t know, what was the marriage about and how was she going to handle that?

Sudhir had turned to his wife Shanta in desperation several times over all those years. “Why doesn’t someone explain to that girl?” he complained.

“I told your sister several times. She doesn’t do anything about it,” replied Shanta.

“Well, then you tell her,” said Sudhir.

“No way!” pushed back Shanta. “Anything that I say beyond a point to your family makes me a bad person in their eyes. I wouldn’t want to stir up a controversy,” said Shanta, fleeing to the recesses of the house to avoid the topic.

Sudhir never figured it out. He just hoped the girl was not the same way with other men. Surely, someone would take advantage of her naivety and then all would be lost.

He sighed. He decided he had to get up before Aruna came to see him in his corner of the hall. He did not want her sitting on him. Maybe on her honeymoon she discovered sex. Maybe she now realized that sitting on a man’s lap led to different things. Maybe, maybe, maybe. But who was to take a chance with the irrepressible Aruna?

Moreover, he had just got a new reclining work chair. It was like a Jefferson-chair. It allowed him to stretch back. Yet, it had a swiveling work-surface which took his keyboard and on which he could write. He had a large computer monitor on a stand nearby. His bookshelves were at hand. And yet, because of the way he had sited his office, he could not be seen by most of the persons in the hall area.

This allowed him to be at home and be with his family while at the same time remain undisturbed at work if chose to keep it that way. It was a far distant corner of an L-shaped hall and suited everyone very well. Shanta too liked the idea that her husband and his scattering of things would be out of her way.

The problem this new chair posed him -as he watched the commotion of Aruna and his sister’s arrival the front door- was that he was half way between fully lying back and sitting up straight. It was a vulnerable posture in which he certainly did not want Aruna to sit on him.

Preliminaries done, the women adjourned to the kitchen. Aruna should have now belonged in that category and learned a few recipes from her aunts. But a new husband makes no such demands on his wife. She seems just perfect to him in that phase when he is engrossed in discovering the charms of a woman. The caress of her body, playing with her breasts and torso, the delight of being able to bury your face in a shoulder unhindered by any garment of any kind…

And so Aruna continued to remain carefree.

Sudhir had struggled to get up from reclining position and perhaps he was done in by his haste.

“Where is daddy-uncle?” shouted Aruna aloud, not really expecting or waiting for an answer.

“Oh! There are some changes here! You have rearranged your office,” beamed down Aruna at her uncle who was struggling to get up.

“Hey, you brat!” said Sudhir to Aruna, eyeing the young woman. She had always been pencil thin as a girl. In the later years, her breasts were just a noticeable swelling of her chest. She was not a busty girl — but nor was she really all that flat.

But today that chest seemed a bit fuller. And her hips seemed to have a slender roll of fat. All within a month! From pencil straight, she had added just-enough curves in the right departments. “What is it that marriage does?” wondered Sudhir, making his mind up to refer google. She was not dressed like a married woman at all. It was still her old favorite attire: a just-right t-shirt and the short denim skirt frayed around the hem for fashion. The skirt stopped just above her mid-thigh.

Sudhir feared that if she came any closer he would end up looking up her skirt. He fumbled for the lever under the chair and managed to bring up the back which brought him to a somewhat respectable incline. He was still not upright, but he was not as vulnerable as before.

But he had not reckoned with Aruna. She plonked herself on his lap, legs both to one side sitting across him. She put an arm around his shoulder and looked impishly at Sudhir and asked, “How has my daddy-uncle been?”

“Fine. Fine,” replied the nonplussed Sudhir. Nothing seemed to have changed with this kid. He tried to steer the conversation to a topic that might make her realize that she was now grown up.

“How’s married life?” he asked.

“You mean ‘how’s the sex’?” she said, shocking him with her blunt language, the mischievous tone and the glint in her eye.

“Aruna!” remonstrated Sudhir in a strict voice, not very convinced himself. He could feel her chest brush his chest.

“You bad man! You never phoned me this last one month!” she complained, going back to being the spoilt little brat she had been all her life with him. She punched him on his chest, marveling at Sudhir’s well toned, muscled body. It was hard and well trained. The contrast with her own husband was not lost on the young woman newly initiated to the pleasures of the flesh.

“You know,” she continued, “I have been wondering about us.”

“What is there about us?” asked a bewildered Sudhir.

“We are so close. Still, you never told me how to prepare for married life,” she pouted. Now her hands caressed the chest, feeling through the fabric of his vest the skin beneath.

Sudhir felt her fingers play on him and felt his cock twitch to life. Was this way of touching him newly learnt in the marital bed? Or was he newly feeling the sexuality of her touch?

“It is not a topic for an uncle to discuss with his niece,” said Sudhir primly.

Aruna leaned closer, allowing her cheek to graze his and whispered into his ear, “Are you not a man? What is it that you cannot teach a young woman?” Her voice was hoarse with her own desire for this man and there was a devilish quiver in it which Sudhir picked up.

“This is nonsense!” protested Sudhir. “I think I should talk to your mother” he threatened her.

Aruna pulled back from her close position, withdrawing her arm from around his shoulders. Sudhir felt relief and regret. Relief that his threat had worked and regret that the young woman would not be touching him any further.

But he was wrong.

She leaned back and dropped her right hand to the floor. Her body was now reclined fully resting on that right hand. Her legs were still to the right. She lifted the left leg, ready to swivel it to the other side, so that she would straddle his lap.

But she didn’t do it in one swift motion.

She bent her left knee, and shook her leg so her sandal dropped to the floor. Sudhir felt the outer side of her thigh brush his broad muscled arm. She straightened her leg and her toe pointed upward towards the ceiling.

“Surely someone would spot that outstretched leg from the hall?” thought Sudhir to himself, and glanced over his shoulder, peering over the stack of books to see if anyone was in the hall.

“Oh yes!” hissed his shameless niece. “Someone might spot my leg! Better I bring it down.”

So saying she bent her knee and let her other hand drop to the floor behind her as well, for complete balance. Slowly, and deliberately, she scMolestationd her toe nails across his chest, grazing one nipple of his, then the other. Sudhir’s eyes were fixed on the gap between her legs and up her skirt. When the leg was across the other side, she paused, allowing the older man a good long look at her young hungry pussy.

It had been shaven, but a while ago; perhaps just before her honeymoon. Right now, there was a smooth turf of hair and the brown-purple lips of her cunt.

“This is so wrong!” hissed Sudhir in a hoarse voice.”Is it?” she laughed. “What a married woman does is her business,” she told him.

“And so is it for the married man. He can look up any skirt he wishes. And that isn’t wrong?” she asked him.

“Why are not….wearing anything underneath?” he asked, trying to behave like an elder should.

“How would you know? You shouldn’t have a clue, whether I am wearing a bra or not, panties or not. Why did you look?” she teased him.

“I did nothing wrong,” replied Sudhir weakly as he noticed the outline of her nipples under the t-shirt. She was right — no bra either.

The athletic young woman lifted her body up and came to be seated, astride his lap. She reached between them and found his cock, hard and pulsating, through the exercise slacks he wore. “You bad man, you have an erection! And you are letting me feel it. Isn’t that wrong?” she scolded him playfully, her eyes dancing.

“It isn’t!” she told him firmly. “Nothing is wrong if we do not let it hurt anyone” she said. As she spoke both her hands went down to her own thighs and she pulled the already tight skirt as far up as it would go.

“I told you I have been thinking about us. You should have made love to me long ago. Taught me. Initiated me. Trained me. Made me ready for life. Long ago,” she whispered, looking into his eyes.

Sudhir’s throat dried. The girl had discovered sex, for sure. And she associated her own inclination to be physical with Sudhir as a stand-in for sex. And that was the missing link between their mutual fondness and a completion of their intimacy.

“You are fond of me, no?” she asked, as she fumbled with the buttons on the front his nylon track pants.

He nodded dumbly.

“I have always been special to you, right?” she continued, finding her progress hampered by his underwear.

Once again he nodded in the affirmative.

“And the only reason you didn’t allow that to grow is some relationship between us that we didn’t get to choose?” she asked, desperately trying to reach the elastic band to gain access.

Sudhir found himself raising his hips to help her. “It isn’t that,” he croaked, not knowing what it otherwise was.

The next few minutes were dominated by the heavy breathing which accompanied their movements. Sudhir propped his hips up, allowing his young niece to reach him however she wanted. She gripped the waist band of both the track pants and the underwear below and moved back. As she did so, her head bent towards his torso and she lifted herself off his lap giving herself the space she needed. She was then able to peel back his underwear and the track pants down to his knee level.

She stared in fascination at the cock which sprang up. Gently she stroked it with fluttering fingers, allowing her warm breath to blow on the bobbing thickness. It was succulent in its thickness. Thick, springy and spongy-hard. She licked her lips. He was a stud compared to what she had seen on her honeymoon.

She slid back onto his lap, hitching her skirt up as far as her waist. Her belly and crotch caught his looming monstrosity and pushed it back against his tummy. His cock was now trapped between their bodies. Aruna felt a slight slick against her tummy as Sudhir’s cock began to leak with excitement.

“You have everything you needed to seduce me. So why didn’t you?” whispered Aruna into her uncle’s lips as she allowed her lips to hover over his lips. Her hands caressed his thick strong muscled arms, sending shivers through Sudhir. This was incredible; his little niece was now all grown up, married and busy seducing him. Right here in his home-office where his wife and her mother could walk in on them anytime.

“You were a virgin, remember?” whispered back Sudhir, trying to grab her lips with his.

“And now I am not. So why are you waiting?” she asked achingly.

“This is not legal,” he explained.

She reached between them and gently held the massive organ in her hand and replied impishly, “I can tell you for sure that such a large weapon is also not legal!”

Sudhir stared at her disbelievingly. This younger generation knew no taboo. Look at her -this was not how she was supposed to be talking to an authority figure! But of course, he was also the uncle who used to encourage rebellion and liked his nieces and nephews to be open and free with him.

“We will get caught,” warned Sudhir making a last ditch attempt to stop the unstoppable. The girl was stroking his member lightly with her fingers, tapping the head, scraping the trunk and gripping the base in an unpredictable sequence. It was maddening and he just wanted to fuck her brains out. But that was not the way uncles were supposed to behave.

“If we don’t get on with it and continue talking, we will get caught,” said Aruna.

She spread her legs as wide as she could, partly to accommodate the unimaginably large cock but also to keep her skirt up. She kneeled on the arm rests and looked towards the kitchen door at the other end. She could hear the distant hubbub of voices as her mother and his wife jabbered away. With one hand she reached under and grabbed the object of her desire. Her head rested on top of his head. “They are busy right now. Let’s get busy too,” she told her uncle, taking care of one of his several worries at this time.

He briefly felt the furry patch around her pussy as she manipulated herself down, setting the soles of her feet on the ground on either side. Her uncle’s new chair was just perfect for the job. It was sufficiently low so she could rest her feet and yet, sufficiently high for her to ride him hard.

When she thought she had her cunt poised over the cockhead below, her hands shifted to his shoulders. Spreading her legs achingly wide, she sank down, only to slam her hot but unprepared cunt against the huge knob of his cockhead.

She grunted a loud “Mmmmph” and pushed downward. Her lips were spread by the head but her pussy would not yield to the bulb.

She whimpered. “Daddy-Uncle, do something!” she moaned. She had said that a thousand times or more to him, asking for ice-cream, or a movie ticket, or a bike ride or a hundred other hard-to-get things she had desired at various points in time. Today she used that same phrase to ask him to fuck her. She was impossibly tight and he was impossibly large; larger than he had been in a long time.

“We will not be able to finish quickly enough,” he said in an agitated voice. His hands caressed her buttocks and back, stroking and feeling the hard body and silky soft skin.

“It just takes a few short minutes,” she replied, eyes still on the kitchen door and hips undulating up and down in an attempt to gain penetration.

“Who told you,” he gasped as the repeated prodding of her cunt made him juice up even more and his precum ran down the underside of his cock to his balls. “There goes the leather of my new chair,” he thought.

“That is all it lasts with him,” she explained, once again reaching under and holding his cock, painting her cuntlips and prodding at them, using his cock as a probe.

“That’s because he is new to this. It can go up to an hour. Sometimes more,” he replied, grunting as the manipulation of his cock drove him mad.

She grabbed his face in her hands and looked down at him. “My God. I knew it! I just knew instinctively you would be more. Come on now, give it to me,” said a crazed Aruna. Just a few minutes of her husband’s amateurish fucking had made her wild about sex. And here was this very complete, very well endowed man promising her an hour or more of sex! “I should take him to bed with lots more time,” thought Aruna making a quick agenda for this stay.

For now, she just had to get what she could and abandoned all caution. She rammed down as hard as she could and a burning and aching penetration occurred, which caused her to scream. Very quickly she closed her mouth on his muscular shoulder and screamed her pleasure into his flesh. Her teeth sank in causing him pain. But it was nothing compared to the searing bolts of pleasure that his cock signaled with the entry.

Her sheath was tight, slick with her lubrication and it gripped his cock like a tight fist.

Sudhir never got a chance to fuck upwards.

The girl gripped his head with arms thrown about it and propped herself. With rapid jabs her hips fucked down taking his cock out and plunging it back in so far as her cunt would allow.

The initial, searing pain she felt was as if she had never lost her virginity. The later pleasure she felt was as if she had never experienced pleasure before.

The cock was thick, filling, and completed her as a woman. Her orgasms were instantaneous and the girl sobbed her pleasure onto her uncle’s shoulder and neck. As the juices flowed, his cock was slick with her flow. The greased pole slid further and further up into the unaccustomed channel with every thrust.

Aruna was now bobbing up and down his cock with an unrelenting pace and vigor. The world around her ceased to exist as she threw her head back and forth, flailing in one orgasm after another.

“Are you,” she gasped, “close to…unhhhhh!” she stammered, “Cumming!” she hissed with extra emphasis as pleasure rocketed through her being.

“Hardly,” grunted back Sudhir, still gripping her hips in his strong, large hands and guiding her to fuck him.

She looked down at him, wild with desire. Impossible! Her husband had never lasted more than a few strokes of her cunt, and here he was with well over a dozen thrusts!

She cried out like a wounded warrior, anguished that she had been deprived of this strong man and his fucking when she had him in her world all along. She made a throaty war-cry loaded with desire and the fucking resumed with added fervor. It was if she was hell bent on extracting all the pleasure that she could get for all the days past.

Sudhir groaned as she plundered him. As the ferocity of her fucks increased, bit by bit, her cunt accommodated more and more of him.
The cock stabbed a bit deeper each time and the cunt widened with every fuck.

She let out her breath with a loud ‘hnhhhhhh!’ when she got as far as sinking down the full length of his throbbing cock. She let her ass rest on his thighs, grinding her cunt onto the cock. She could feel his hair on her ass. He could only feel a squishy mess as the now-gaping cunt flowed onto him and made his pubic hair soggy. The chair’s leather was surely gone now.

She had now ascertained how deep he went into her. She felt him fill her up. She now was sure the monster would not hurt her. She bounced on his lap with wild abandon with his cock fully embedded in her; there was no risk it would slip out in the fury of her fucking.

The movements, the bouncing and the ramming drove Sudhir up the slope of pleasure. All that remained now was for him to scale the peak and roll all the way down with his own orgasm.

“We must find a way to finish quickly,” he pleaded. He was worried about all sorts of things. But in the heat of his pleasure, his biggest worry was that he would be deprived of cumming in this spectacular woman.

“Then come you, stud-man,” she hissed, sweat pouring down her face with exertions.

“Aah!” she shuddered as a new orgasm ripped through her. This was the effect of having his entire flesh embedded deep in her up to her womb, and reaming her all the way in and out.

Saliva drooled out of the corner of her mouth as she lost control of her facial muscles. As she rubbed her face against his in the passion, she smeared her saliva on his cheek and chin.

Sudhir was now desperate to cum. His hand slid up the girl’s body, trying to grip the slim body in his powerful hands and pound her down on him in a way that would make him cum.

Instead, Aruna pulled up her own t-shirt and bared her breasts to him. “Here!” she offered them to him. She tucked the roll of her shirt under her armpits and grabbed his head pulling it to her breasts, bouncing up and down all the while.

What her breasts lacked in volume, they made up for in the nipples and in their sensitivity. Wild with desire and uncontrolled in his responses, Sudhir lavished the hot, waiting flesh with kisses. He tongued, kissed and pulled at the nipples. They were gorgeous nipples, long and nibble-able. He played, toyed and rubbed his face on the entire surface of her breasts. His stubble abraded her tender soft skin, but to her, the rubbing triggered more pleasure.

Just then one of the women in the kitchen called out, “Are you guys ready for a coffee?”

Aruna had been holding her breath to control her desire to scream. Her body was tortured with pleasure. She had expected one frisson of pleasure culminating in an orgasm of sorts, for that is what she had learned from her new husband.

But with this cock embedded in her and stretching her wide, with the ability of daddy-uncle to remain undiminished while pleasure coursed through her, with the gaping open pussy flowing and helping her to fuck down brutally, one orgasm was long past. She had cum several times and the teasing and caressing of her breasts and nipples was building up to a very large release. She had held her breath to hold her screams down.

Now when the women in the kitchen called out she used the opportunity to exhale.

“Yesssssssssssssss, we are cummmming!” she bellowed, her voice powered by the release of air from the depths of her stomach. Her voice filled and resonated in the hall as she screamed out her orgasm in that sentence.

Sudhir’s wife remarked to Aruna’s mother, “That girl is still playful as ever!” Little did she know that the same playfulness was now loaded with sexuality.

“And soon she will have a baby. I suppose she will have to change then?” replied Aruna’s mother.

Aruna had already changed in the last forty-five days and that change was playing itself out at the other corner of the house.

“Daddy-uncle?” Aruna gasped. “Are you cumming?” she managed, as the waves in her body lashed her.

Sudhir nodded, with his eyes closed tight. He was concentrating on his orgasm. He needed to cum. He didn’t want those women to come here at this time and he miss his orgasm. With his face buried in his niece’s breasts and his eyes closed, his mind focused on the tube that rammed down on his cockhead. He felt the pleasure surging upward as he concentrated on his own pleasure.

He caught her ass in his hands and changed her angle ever so slightly, ensuring that her sheath slid over his head incessantly.

His hard grip on her ass, stretched her wider. The change in angle made the opening of her spread-wide cunt ride on his cock. It was a new angle for her. It touched new places. And even though this new place was more on the outside of the cunt, not on the inside, the pleasure that the grinding gave was intense; on some strokes more intense.

“You!” she hissed to him. “You –ah! Ah! Ah! You should have taken my virginity- eeeeh! You should have fucked, trained, pleasured me…daddeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ah-uncle!” she sobbed as unexpected tremors build inside her.

Hearing her use a word like ‘fuck’ and her begging him for pleasure helped. Sudhir felt his cock expand to impossible new proportions. It made the fucking harder for both of them, but only briefly.

“Arrrgh!” he growled as he held her small ass tight in his hands and pumped her down and up on him.

He started to shoot up into her and the pleasure was a crescendo of grunts, noises and squelches in his ears. She rose as usual to bounce on his cock. It was the wrong moment. His hands flew from her ass to her shoulders and held her down. The cunt was plastered to the cock as he released more semen into her.

And then he threw his thighs up to make her rise a bit. And he dropped her down. Aruna let the older man take over her movements. Clearly, he knew more. She noticed when he let her down and when he lifted her off. Her mind linked it to the pulsations she felt from the thick pillar embedded in her. She was noting which stroke maximized his pleasure and which stroke caused the maximum surge in semen.

If she was looking for lessons this was the perfect fuck. And her mind seemed to record everything to practice it on her husband.

His fingers, as they gripped her ass were perilously close to her anus; god forbid! But even that gave her pleasure. In fact, everywhere, anyhow that they were in contact, both of them seemed to be one mass of sensitive erotic touch points.

Sudhir felt his skin pull back, the cockhead swell as it entered her womb when her ass was plush against his pubis. In this extended position, his cock was deep with its head at the mouth of her womb; any shots of sperm were bound to splash deep in her womb.

He groaned from intense pleasure. He also groaned in frustration: he wanted his pleasure so much; there was no way he could act on his fears about her pregnancy. He bit, gnawed at her breast. She ground her hips round and round on his cock, as both bodies shuddered incessantly.

As his cock receded into small jerks and convulsions, his hand left her ass and roamed her back, caressing her. His thumb ran down her spine rubbing her down and she felt new waves of shivers which seemed to make her flow some more. She smothered his face and forehead in a flood of small kisses. They gripped each other tightly, enjoying the bonding, the comfort and the union of their bodies like only sexual passion could bring.

“My god!” she thought, marveling at the intensity. “Oh my god!” she shuddered, feeling the copious cum clogging her and squelching out and down. “Oh my dear god!” she ached as she felt his fingers massage her in the strangest of places; and her body responded.

It subsided. The orgasm ran its course as both gripped, clawed and held each other. The fog of pleasure lifted from her brain not a moment too soon. As sanity returned she saw her mother and her aunt emerge from the kitchen.

Abruptly Aruna rose from her seat, the slick and receding cock plopping out. She was unmindful that Sudhir was still spewing small dribbles. She pulled down her t-shirt over her breasts- now wet with Sudhir’s saliva. Sweat dripped from her forehead and beads of perspiration marked her upper lip. She wiped her face with the back of hand, ignoring the fact that no part of her was dry enough to help.

Sudhir’s eyes opened with a start. He was not ready to let go. But that would be typical of Aruna — moving on the moment she had got what she desired.

It was her inexperience, he ruminated, which prevented her from realizing that he was still shivering, still spewing. He gripped his cock, slick with the combined juices and still seeking pleasure in driblets. Gently he squeezed and pumped his cock to calm himself by extracting every remnant of pleasure from the encounter. It was her inexperience too, that she didn’t know a man would like to doze after such intense cumming. He pulled his pants up and slumped back, his exhaustion disproportionate to his effort.

As the women were heading towards the tables to set the coffee and snacks, Aruna ran towards them. It was her inexperience, once again, that she did not anticipate the flow down her inner legs. She realized it only when, as she neared the table she felt something damp at her heel. She looked down and saw the stains of the flow down her legs.

She froze. “I think I need to go to the loo,” she blurted out to her mother and her aunt. Pressing her thighs together, the girl turned around, wishing she did not have to rush either the end or the aftermath. She would have loved for them to go on. She would have loved to have lain on him, spent. She would have loved for all this which was flowing from her to have pooled in her womb as they lay intertwined.

Trembling from the entire experience she made her way to the washroom, under the unknowing gaze of both women.

“That girl,” said Sudhir’s wife shaking her head, “she needs to learn to handle herself!”

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