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A Girl Chooses a Coach – Part 2

Aruna sighed, tossing in her bed unable to settle down for the night. She regretted having fucked her Uncle Sudhir. But her reasons were different from what one might have imagined.

Aruna had only recently got married. She and her husband Gopi were both fairly young; she 22 and he was just 25. Gopi was inexperienced but had all the passion and desire that a young man would have. She, on the other hand, was really quite naïve and uninitiated in sexual matters.

Aruna remembered how she had been with her Sudhir Uncle. She called him ‘Daddy-Uncle’ fondly in acknowledgement of his role as a family senior. Over the years she had never been too conscious that the relative she was being physically close to was a male. She touched him, she sat on his lap and did other things a girl her age ought not to have done.

She wondered how ‘Daddy-Uncle’ had managed with her sexual naïveté. She could not remember one occasion on which Sudhir Uncle had touched her breasts or her pussy or tried to kiss or touch her.

She could however remember several occasions on which she had sat on him. Rested herself on him, her tender budding breasts pressing hard against his chest. Of feeling him against her ass as she sat on his lap. How had she been so ignorant?

But she was. Thinking back, knowing what she did know she could believe it.

Gopi, her new husband had to teach her everything about sex. Most of what they did together was based on what he had seen in porn movies. He made her hold his cock which she found ‘icky’. But then he shocked her by kissing her in places she considered ‘dirty’. The icky stuff seemed like a good deal in exchange for the pleasure he gave her kissing her pussy and licking it like he was feeding.

The first time he held her head and guided her to his cock, she held her breath. As she choked she breathed. And then, guided by his hands, she bobbed up and down on him. The tastes and smells were acrid but her husband’s pleasure kept her going. And then those smells yielded to new tastes and aromas she was happy to slurp on.

And he made her do many things to parts of his body she did not know existed. But then he also did things to her she did not know were possible. And then in their lovemaking, their fucking they did those same things to each other over and over again. Different sequences. Different moments.

And as she learned to let him use his cock on her and as she demanded things from him Aruna changed. Almost immediately, Aruna remembered the day she had sat on Sudhir Uncle’s lap and felt his erection. She had not known then; but now she knew that back then ‘Daddy-Uncle’ had been aroused by her. Aruna’s pussy twitched at the thought.

She was fond of her ‘Daddy-Uncle’ and felt that for all the bonding that they had shared and intimacy she had shown, the fact that sex was missing was incredible. She had not known. But he must have known, surely?

Had he not felt her nipples poking? Or her pussy rub against his thigh? Could he not have told her about sex? He had taught her almost everything else that prepared her for life. From how to ride a bike to cracking her exams at the highest level.

But why did he not teach her to fuck?

Possessing no inhibition about Uncle Sudhir — they were so close- Aruna decided to something about the one thing that still separated her from him. Immediately on return from her honeymoon — during which she and Gopi had not even seen the reception of the hotel- Aruna went visiting.

While her mother spent time in the kitchen with Shanta aunty (Sudhir’s wife), Aruna took her uncle even as he sat on his chair. She mounted him, having planned to wear a short denim skirt. She often wore clothes that were basically inappropriate around a conventional Indian home. But this time she left out wearing panties and her bra.

She spread her legs so he would notice.

When he saw that her pussy was bare he told her what she was doing was wrong. But Aruna pointed out that he was not supposed to have looked up her skirt in the first place; so he had no way of knowing.

She was pleased that he let her pull down his trousers. His engorged penis sprang out, shocking that little girl of his. She had only just been introduced to the male anatomy in its sexual splendor.

Was she ready for this?

Ready or not, she took him. She on top, he reclining in his chair. Stretched and spread to her widest, she had struggled to take him in; but she did.

She had fucked him like Gopi had taught her to. Under pressure to ‘finish’ before they were discovered she kept checking whether he was near cumming. ‘Daddy-Uncle’s staying power confirmed what she had suspected all along. Sudhir Uncle was strong and virile; if Gopi was this much, Daddy-Uncle would be more.

Gopi came quickly. But he fucked her often enough every day of their honeymoon.

Sudhir Uncle took a lot to cum. In the meantime, she had cum uncounted times. When Daddy-Uncle came in her she was clogged with his cum. It was a tight plugged pussy messed up with great gobs of his cum. There was so much she wanted to do, but there was no time.

She wanted to do more things that Gopi had taught her; like suck him. Like lie back and have him pound her to nothing. Like feel his strong shoulders around her thighs and ass as he sucked her cunt.

Gopi had shown her everything; but Daddy-Uncle was stronger with a harder, firmer body. She could connect what Gopi was teaching with what she knew of her Daddy-Uncle.

But in that corner office of Sudhir Uncle’s the only thing she could do was mount and ride him to a quick finish.

After that furtive fuck, neither Aruna nor Sudhir were really done. Sudhir’s hard-on returned quicker than it had in recent years. Aruna’s cunt throbbed for more. She had cleaned out the mess made from fucking Sudhir Uncle. By the time she reached her car her pussy was squishy again — not from anything Uncle Sudhir had deposited in her.

When Gopi returned from work, his still new bride took him with a gusto and hunger he had been accustomed to from the honeymoon days. Gopi himself had struggled through his work day, his cock going hard time and again at the thought of his young wife. He had been pleasantly surprised that while she had known nothing of sex, she had taken to it with the fervor of a new convert.

Aruna discovered her husband also liked to talk dirty in bed. After sucking orgasms out of her pussy and reducing her to a bubbling mass of flesh begging for more, he taught her the word ‘fuck’. He made her beg him to fuck her. He called her a bitch as he hammered into her.

She clung on to him as he fucked her. They came in unison. She stifled her scream then. Later he made her scream. He made her cry out his name. He made her ask for his cock. Soon Aruna learned the vocabulary that her husband wanted her to use in their bedroom. Words she had never heard before in the protected environment of her home.

Today too, they fucked like rutting animals.

Aruna screamed the same way they had in their honeymoon cottage.

“Oh fuck me, you bastard! Yes cum! Oh yes take me! Oh fuckkkkk!” she bellowed.

By the time Gopi covered her mouth with his, his new bride’s screams and begging dirty talk had carried to the ears of his parents downstairs.

Such language! Well, at least their son was getting what he wanted from her in bed, they thought to themselves.

He fucked her three times that evening. Once when he just returned from work, once before dinner and once more at bedtime. And now he was asleep.

And there was Aruna, tossing around on her bed, regretting having fucked Uncle Sudhir. While the sex with Gopi continued to excite her, the thickness of Daddy-Uncle’s cock had imprinted itself on her mind. She needed that incredible, downright scary stretch.

While Gopi’s dirty talk turned her on, she wondered if Uncle Sudhir used similar language with Shanta aunty. Unlikely. But she wanted to find out.

While Gopi’s cumming in her was satisfying to her, she wondered about Sudhir Uncle’s drenching and forceful cum.

Something in the encounter with her Daddy-Uncle robbed her of the complete satiation she had with Gopi.

She was restless. She needed more. She wondered if Sudhir Uncle did to Shanta aunty the kind of things Gopi did to her. More important, did Shanta aunty know how to give Sudhir Uncle the full pleasure of the kind Gopi had taught her to give him? And if Shanta aunty didn’t then she Aruna would give Sudhir Uncle that.

She wanted her Daddy-Uncle to have everything. He had done so much for her. She felt she could repay him with that extra dimension of pleasure. She found herself hoping that Shanta aunty did not know all that and that she would have that opportunity.

And despite having been fucked thrice that evening, she stirred as her pussy twitched at the thought of how Sudhir Uncle’s cock made her overfull.

And it was this restlessness for more that made her regret having fucked him at all.

Opportunities to meet Sudhir Uncle were not hard to come by. For years every one visited every one else’s place at will. The houses were in the same locality. However, part of that ‘open-house’ culture also meant that there were no closed doors and no really absolute privacy.

She caught him in his home-office in one corner of the hall. They had always been playful with each other. Aruna wanted that playfulness to remain but she wanted it to be loaded with her new found discoveries. She had always teased him and now she had a new way to do just that.

The moment Sudhir saw Aruna flounce in he tried to get up; but his recliner made that difficult. Soon, she was in front of him and leaning forward she gave him a good look down the front of her top. Aruna did not have all that much to show, her breasts being reasonably flat, more like inverted saucers; they were covered quite completely by the bra she was wearing.

“So how is my Daddy-Uncle?” she asked impishly.”I am fine,” grunted Sudhir. Over the years his embarrassment at dealing with the girl had increased as she grew older. He had now reached a new level of inhibition following the way she had taken him just the other day.

“Or should I be more precise and ask how your cock is?” she laughed.

Sudhir squirmed. Suddenly after years of enforcing discipline and standards he found it difficult to reprimand Aruna for her language.

“Have you ever used words like that?” she asked him.

“What do you mean?” stammered Sridhar.

“With aunty. Does she ask for this — your cock?” she asked reaching out and searching out the outline of his cock.

“I can’t be talking about all that you,” gasped Sudhir.

“Why not? I can tell you that Gopi does talk like that with me! And I too with him!” she said laughingly. She found his cock and rubbed lightly with her thumb as it progressed from its repose to a state of excitement.

“You shouldn’t be,” said Sudhir.

“Shouldn’t be what?” asked Aruna.

“Telling me what you talk and do with him in your bedroom,” said Sudhir.

“Oh, I thought you were going to say that I should not use such language,” said Aruna with a smile.

“You are no longer a little girl, you know. So I cannot tell you what to talk or not,” he said.

“Oh, so you agree that I am now grown up!” she teased him, wiggling her chest at him seductively.

“Well, after what happened the other day…..” mumbled Sudhir.

“But Daddy-Uncle! I do want to know some things about language,” she pouted.

Sudhir groaned inwardly. If he had known she would be here he would have worn his jeans or trousers. As it was he was wearing the traditional ‘mundu’ which is a sarong — like garment worn on the lower part of the body. Quite often he wore nothing else underneath but today, luckily he was wearing underwear.

Still, the ‘mundu’ was bad at concealing hard-ons and all this talk from his niece was definitely having the effect she desired. As she looked down at him as she stood in front of him, she saw the bulge twitch and grow. She sighed. That mass of delectable flesh was what had caused all that restlessness last night.

Somehow, Gopi seemed more like an appetizer. Everything he did with his cock make her pussy tingle and desire the fullness and stretching out she had experienced with her Sudhir Uncle. It was a different matter when Gopi “ate her out” as Gopi called. That orgasm was wild. But she still needed to stuff herself — engorge herself on Sudhir Uncle. But at least that orgasm drained her enough for her to last — till this moment.

“What language?” asked Sudhir, who had always prided himself on the standard of education that their previous generation had received. The current lot did not have half of the command on language they should have had.

“Like how to make love-talk!” she said happily, jumping and clapping her hands, suddenly becoming the same little girl who had refused to grow up all these years.

Shanta and Aruna’s mom looked at her from the other end of the hall and laughed. “I wonder how she manages,” mused Aruna’s mother. “She is still a little girl!”

“So long as Gopi is happy its fine,” said Shanta aunty leading the way back into the kitchen.

The levels of that extended hall were such and Sudhir’s office was so arranged that you could not see Sudhir if he was on his recliner. If anyone in that area stood up they could be seen from torso upwards only. And a little woman like Aruna a little less than that too.

But had anyone spotted Aruna bouncing up and down the other day, her head bobbing and flailing in the pleasure that was pounded out by Sudhir’s too-large-to-consume cock they would have no doubts. The rhythm, the bounce and the body language were unmistakable- especially to Shanta and her sister (Aruna’s mom).

Aruna now leaned forward again, switching from girl to woman-unleashed and whispered, “Don’t you know love-talk? Didn’t you and Shanta aunty talk dirty when — making love?” asked Aruna emphasizing the ‘making love’ in a sultry voice.

Talk dirty? What was the girl talking about? A generation gap was at play here. Sudhir’s generation didn’t talk so much as they did. In their part of the country the men were virile and the women were game. Sex was not taboo but nor was it openly bandied about. You did what you did and you kept it to yourself.

Sudhir’s younger days were filled with sport. Being the district football team captain made him attractive to his cousins and their friends. Heavy petting, kissing and fondling breasts with a quick undoing of blouses and mutual masturbation had all been added benefits of his local sports stardom.

His real action had been with the older women in their village; women who he called ‘chechi’ (older sister) per local tradition, who seemed to his eyes lovely luscious cauldrons of lust. He lost his virginity to one such and stealthily visited her and others on long lazy afternoons. Skirts were hoisted to ride and let him ride. Blouses were opened for him to feast on dizzyingly sumptuous breasts.

There was no talk except the endearing cooing from an older woman as he suckled on her breasts. They loved to rock him and feed him and mother him, even as they lusted his sexual vigor.

He being the younger man in those situations and with this whom he called ‘elder sister’ there was hardly any scope for ‘dirty talk’. It would be disrespectful to those women. It would no longer allow them to think of him as a ‘nice young man’. And if the hero worship stopped then too, would the trysts vanish.

As his experience with the wonderful, loving women grew, he found lesser and lesser need for the girls in his own age group; not to mention the possibility of them wanting to wed him.

Aruna had been his first, shocking encounter with a younger girl? Younger women? Rarely. Society taught him to take on responsibility for those younger and the leader in him rose to that role. Over the years Sudhir came to be regarded as a family elder to turn to.

“Who else will I turn to?” Aruna pouted again in that childish, delightful manner. “You have,” she said, pausing and touching his now larger-than-ever cock again “all the experience to teach me. Don’t you want me to be happy in my marriage?” she asked teasingly.

“Tell me about Shanta aunty and you,” she pressed on.

“There is nothing to tell,” said Sudhir his voice cracking from a sudden dryness in his throat.

“Why?” asked Aruna, reaching for the bottle of water. She opened and held it over his mouth like she had done enough number of times over the years. But there was something sexually charged this time about how she let a slow stream of water fall to Sudhir’s parched mouth.

“We didn’t talk much during the time we spent together like that,” said Sudhir avoiding the use of the word “sex” or the phrase “love making”. If there was any corrupting going on over here he did not want to implicate himself. He found himself walking a thin line between what Aruna had done the last time she visited and his own response to that. Like her restlessness, he found himself walking around with an erection. He had tried to dispel thoughts of how she had bounced on his cock, how tight the fit had been — and therefore how hard the releasing shots of cum had been. Every time he spurted the tight fuck-down and caused his cum to rocket into her.

For years he had simply slipped over a house’s compound wall and found his way into the arms of the coterie of ‘chechis’ who were delighted to fuck him when he needed it. That day, after innumerable years, he masturbated to the memory of his niece’s vigorous fucking. And even though he had spent inside her in torrents, he came again in torrents.

He could have taken his lust to Shanta but after what Aruna had done to him, with him, Sudhir found himself withdrawn, drinking a little more, smoking a little more and staring at the distance a lot more.

Aruna now sat down on his thighs, legs astride, and brought her face close to his and with sparkling eyes asked, “So you don’t know any of those words?”

The other day she had sat down sideways like she usually did. She then swung her leg around to straddle him. That was when he spotted the absence of panties. That was when he saw his niece’s bare pussy. Instead of anger and control, if there was shock and confusion that day, it was because of Aruna’s disarming ways; and unbridled, instant lust on his part.

“This,” she whispered into his face, her hands between them, grabbing his cock –snared in his underwear and therefore not offering her any grip – as best as her little hand could, “is called cock,” she finished. She pronounced ‘cock’ with a hardness to her voice as if to emphasize what it meant to her.

Her mind went back to that first fuck. She had a complete recording in her mind. She had played that back and forth again and again. Despite incessant fucking by her husband she had found it necessary to play herself at the thought of the fuck with Sudhir. Yes, she remembered it perfectly well. Yes, her Daddy-Uncle was right.

He had not spoken much during their encounter. She remembered having asked him why he had not taught her to “fuck”; but that had been at the height of her own orgasm. And after that she had had to rush to the washroom lest her mom and aunt spot the cum running down her legs. They too had not talked much. Perhaps that was how it was with Sudhir Uncle! Perhaps the sex was so maniacal that nothing else happened!

“This,” she said in a low voice “is called pussy,” She grabbed his hand and insinuated it between her legs to her crotch and rubbed the back of his hand against herself. She shivered. He felt there was another layer of garment beneath her skirt; thankfully she was wearing panties today.

“You have the experience! You are supposed to be the teacher!” she said loudly as she sat up suddenly, upright, complaining. This was her original persona; nothing sexual.”Teach you what, ma?” asked Aruna’s mom from the far end.

“See ma! He is not teaching me how to be a better housewife!” she complained to her mom. This too was the persona of Aruna that everyone knew; nothing sexual. Playful and child-like.

“Oh god!” said Aruna’s mom as she went back into the kitchen to repeat her crib about her married daughter refusing to grow up.

“Do you want me to ‘give you head’?” she asked naughtily.

Sudhir looked at her dumb-founded.

“Do you know what it means?” asked his niece, mistaking his shocked silence for ignorance. “Wait, I will tell you,” she said, not waiting for his reply.

She shimmied down his legs. First things first. She reached under the cloth of his ‘mundu’ and found the band of his underwear. Sudhir once again found himself assisting his niece. And what point was the guilt only hers and at what point was he abetting her?

She pulled it down and of course, the erect pillar would not allow the band to slip down.

“Now I know how to handle that,” said Aruna looking up at him. Reaching under carefully, she stretched the band to let out the cock. What had been enough of a stretch in her husband Gopi’s case was inadequate here. She struggled.

“Do you?” asked Sudhir. Worried that she might let go the band in a snap and hurt him, he reached inside his underwear to pull his cock out. Her hand followed his quickly.

“Oh teach me what I don’t know, na?” she said. Her fingers slid over his fingers and intertwined with his. She caught his sticky cock and together they pulled it out. Aruna paused as she savored the ‘body’ of his erection with her fingers. It stood up and his ‘mundu’ now reflected his erection quite completely. Sudhir arranged the cloth so the cock would not part it and expose itself to her.

She pulled the underwear down completely and took it off. She threw it under the sideboard next to his table. Sudhir made a desperate mental note that he would have to clear that before the maid or his wife spotted it.

Aruna now rearranged the ‘mundu’ which Sudhir had with so much care used to conceal his cock as best as he could. She uncovered the cock and worshipfully, ran fingers of both hands up the thick length, till she reached the slippery-slick cockhead.

“This,” she announced, “is ‘giving head’.” Sudhir was taken unawares though he ought not to have been. The girl stretched her mouth as wide as she could. And with her own saliva flowing, covered his head with her mouth. She bobbed up and down twice and Sudhir leaked copious amounts of fluid.

She could hardly go beyond the head. Her lips were stretched and the cockhead hit the roof of her mouth at that angle. There was hardly any scope for her to take him deeper. The head itself demanded attention as she moved her head in circles.

Between slurps at his cock, she found time to raise her head and announce his role, “You are the lookout!” she told him, asking him to keep an eye on the kitchen door at the far end.

Sudhir squealed as he felt her hot mouth pleasure him. He was unsure whether he might cum then and there. His hands gripped the arms of his chair. Then went to the back of her head. But he not push or hold. He just kept his hand there.

As unexpectedly as she had gone down on him, she rose. Wiping her mouth on the back of her hand she said, “I suppose you now know what ‘eating pussy’ means!”

Sudhir reached for his cock and pressed it downward and let go. It sprang back, giving him some measure of relief.

His niece hoisted up her skirt and pulled down her panties. She chucked them where she had thrown his underwear. Sudhir now had a desperate problem. What should he do with Aruna’s panties after he retrieved them? Hide them in his cupboard? Or would she take them as she left? Where, for that matter, was this particular afternoon headed?

“Now,” said Aruna, “‘eating pussy’.” She sat down and bringing her legs together rolled Sudhir’s cock between her knees. They stained with his juices which were now pouring off him. Even with her knees she could feel that his cock was buzzing in its erection.

Further up from her knees, there between her legs Aruna herself was buzzing and rapidly moving from ‘moist’ to ‘slick wet’. (“Are you wet for me right now?” Gopi had asked her on the way to their room from the restaurant to drive her wilder still. And they had paused in the corridor to kiss and grope.)

“‘Eating Pussy’ is going to be a dangerous lesson,” thought Aruna to herself. Anything that involved Sudhir Uncle lying where he was, was fine. The alternative was for her to bring her hips to his lips. She still might not be spotted but she would be quite high. If any of the women came closer they might well spot her. Unless…

“Move down just a little bit,” she ordered Sudhir as she sat up on her knees. Sudhir slid down a bit so his shoulders were slouched on the backrest. It twisted his ‘mundu’ and now he was badly exposed, his raging erection waving with neither protection nor attention. But then, he reckoned the girl was poised too far over him for there to be any safety in what they were doing.

Raising her skirt she pressed forward and laid her pussy on his face. She twisted around to look back and announced to her Sudhir Uncle that she was the lookout.

Sudhir did nothing. He kissed her lower belly, flat as it was on this small built woman. Slightly bristly from her recent shave her hair tickled his nose. He could smell her rose-tinted aroma wafting from her pussy.

“Kiss!” she hissed down at him. Her pussy was throbbing with excitement. The danger of what she was doing added to the thrill, the way the groping with Gopi in that corridor had. “We don’t have much time for this!” she wiggled her hips forward, pressing and searching with her cunt lips for his lips.

Sudhir kissed as she found him. Instinctively he reached out with his tongue and lapped at her. He had not done this before. Clearly, sex had changed. He reflected that he could not use the word ‘evolved’; after all in Kamasutra his ancestors had clearly shown and dwelt on the full range of what a man and woman could do to one another. The new generation was rediscovering, through the west, an old Indian tradition.

She gasped as he tongued her. she gripped the backrest hard and smeared her pussy on his mouth, manipulating herself so the lips opened out on his face. She yielded some juices onto his face and Sudhir found himself licking and tasting his niece like he never thought a woman could be savored. His hands slid up the back of her thighs and he caught her small ass in his large rough hands and kneaded them.

“Ah!” moaned Aruna. Yet with her hand she pushed his hands away and smoothed down her skirt. “We will be spotted,” she whispered urgently.

“This,” she said hoarsely as she felt a wave of pleasure coming on, “is ‘eating pussy!'”

“Daddy-uncle,” she said into his face holding him lovingly as she kneeled back onto his lap, “we need more space.” His cock was now under her, and protruded from between her legs up, tenting her skirt in the process.

“I need that,” she said nodding downward “to fuck me! You know the word ‘fuck’?” she asked. There was no laughing smile or playfulness. Her cheeks were hot and flush with lust. “I need you,” she whispered, her eyes welling up with tears. He had seen that happen before to her when he was being strict and she was begging for a treat.

She was begging for a treat here too. But how different things had become since this young girl had wedded! These tears were desperation that an opportunity might not arise and she would have to go through a few days and nights aching for that cock to impale her.

He touched her cheek and nodded in the direction of the adjoining room which served as his library of sorts. It was still not too far from where they were now but at least it was inside a room. The door still could not be shut for that might invite attention for that was a room which was never kept shut.

She leaned forward and smiled, causing the tears to release from here eyes. “The lessons must continue,” she got off and looked down in marvel and the exposed cock as Sudhir gathered his mundu. When he got up he saw the stains from his own secretions on the chair.

Leaving all tell-tale signs as they were both hurried to the next room. Aruna knew the layout of the house and in a jiffy knew where she wanted to be. On one wall, least likely to be seen from the kitchen or that side of the hall was a shelf from ground to the ceiling. The lower part of it was a wide chest of drawers. From there up, it was shelves all the way to the ceiling. But the depth of the shelves was lesser than that of the drawers. So on top of the drawers was space.

On this space Aruna sat facing Sudhir Uncle who was busy tucking and rearranging his mundu. She held her arms out to him and invited him.

“What other words do you want to know?” she asked. “And what can you teach me? I don’t know how else to ask. Show me something I can take to Gopi,” she said, looking him in the eye.

“How did you become like this?” wondered Sudhir aloud.

“You!” she replied, ever the brat. “You guys forced me to get married! Now I asking my Daddy-Uncle why he did not teach me more things. Why did you stop? Don’t stop!” she said, once again reaching for his cock.

“Treat me like your slut,” she said running her fingers up and down the thick object of desire. Sudhir gasped as his niece expertly played. He looked down and saw how small her hands were. She was small overall, including in her pussy. The other day she had ridden him — the control was with her. she knew how far and how much she could take. He would have to be careful not to be too rough with her today.

“Do you know what a slut is?” asked Aruna, pulling him closer by his cock on which both her fists had a firm grip. “She wants to be treated rough and hard. Like a, like a…. slut.” said Aruna.

She reached around him and clutched at his ass with one hand and with the other she guided him to enter her. “Put your cock in my cunt, Daddy-Uncle,” she implored. Then she looked up and asked, “Do you know that word ‘cunt’?”

Sudhir gasped as he felt the same prickliness which he had felt on his nose now on his cockhead. He was up against her pussy, his cock nosing her. she was gaping open in her wetness and arousal but his blunt head was merely nestled against the open tunnel. How was he going to do this without hurting her he wondered. And did they have enough time?

As he rocked and prodded against her cunt gently she asked, “Is that how a slut is treated? That is not what Gopi told me!” She put an arm around his neck and hoisted herself. Reaching from under herself she tried to keep his cock on the right spot. Its slippery trunk did not help as it slipped from her fingers.

Aruna groaned loudly. “Daddy-Uncle! You are not helping and god knows we don’t have the luxury of time!” she whined her frustration.

His eyes darted towards the door. Everything seemed silent. There was the distant clank of vessels as the women in the kitchen worked on preparing batter for a round of snacks.

He held his cock and gently timed a thrust of his hips to the nosing open of her lips. Aruna moaned in delight as she felt that wonderful thickness for which she had hungered make its impact felt. But her pussy wouldn’t widen any more without force from Sudhir Uncle.

“Push, Daddy-Uncle! Push!” she grunted, working her hips in feverish need.

Sudhir pulled back and found himself astonished that he was not much into her at all. The grip on his cockhead was wonderful, like a tight vice — exciting. But the pull back showed that there was nothing much to withdraw. He pushed again and this time made more progress.

The bulbous head penetrated far enough beyond those tight grabbing lips. As he inched further, the grab of her outer lips caught his cock behind the head and he was fully in. she shuddered and released a drenching of fluids. He felt the gush. She was spread so wide and so open that she could hold back nothing.

She sobbed in satisfaction at the fullness she now felt.

“More! More!” she pleaded.

Sudhir kept his eyes on the door and whatever he could see beyond and cupped her ass in his hands. She was so small that she practically nestled in his grip. Aruna wrapped her aromas around his neck and broad shoulders and hung on to him. Sudhir carefully pulled her in as he thrust out.

He entered her some more. She squealed in delight. “Yes, Daddy-Uncle! Fuck me! Fuck me!” she said into his ear. She wanted to kiss him but his head was toward the door. She kissed him on his cheek and pressed her own cheek against his feeling his rough manly cheek with her soft petal-like face.

“Fuck!” she said in a deep guttural tone. “You know that word. This is that fuck!” she nuzzled him.

Sudhir felt his cock throb for more of this tightness and wet clamp on his cock. He pulled back and slid in, barely able to move any, cautious as he was, tight as she was, despite all the lubrication now pouring.

He moved very little but with more than half his cock trapped in her there was enough of cock rubbing against cunt to provide both of them pleasure. He sighed as he felt the pleasure ripple.

“Can you feel me juice up like a slut, daddy-uncle?” she asked gasping in pleasure at the slow, measured fucking. The length and girth of his hot throbbing flesh inside her was thrilling.

Lifting her off entirely, Sudhir moved a little to get a look at the hall before moving back. He just had to be sure — there was no way he was going to get away with this if anyone entered. Even if he let her down he suspected she would fall; her thighs were trembling. He himself would not be able to hide his large, engorged cock which would be coated with tell-tale juices. There was no scope for error.

When he lifted her off, he slid in just a tad more bringing an involuntary “Gah! Ah!” from poor Aruna as she felt more — incredibly, more — cock spear her. Gently he placed her back on the sideboard top. She reached under and gasped as she felt part of the cock still outside of her — almost a fistful for her little fist.

He treated her to quick, very, very short jabs as he took his own pleasure. He brought his head close to exiting the tight band of her outer pussy, enjoyed that grip and then sank back into the deeper recesses.

She moaned her delight as the cockhead teased her cunt lips from inside threatening to move out. Delightfully he did not move out. He stretched it just enough to feel the grab and then let himself in so she felt him all along her depth.

“More!” she laughed.

He readied himself to respond to this request and thrust back, harder. She had wanted more of the measured, jabbing and reaming. She got more of the full length of him. Nothing prepared her for as he plundered her with his cock. She screamed her agonized pleasure onto his shoulder where she sealed her lips.

This was huge! This was impossible! He was killing her!

As he thrust back and forth, hard and fast in his bid to please his niece by acceding to her demand for more he ravaged her pussy till she lost complete control of herself. Unknown to him he had stretched and fucked her beyond her own physical capability.

She released in gushes even as her body was wracked in orgasms. Pain receded as her cunt yawned open in surrender. “I came! I came! I came!” she babbled into his ear in a string of hoarse whispers.

He didn’t need telling. Her thighs trembled and throbbed as they beat against his sides. Her pussy clutched and spasmed on his ravaging members. The mess that flowed down his balls told him she was no longer spending in spurts. The floodgates had opened.

He concentrated on his own cumming. It was important to finish and he knew it took him more time to cum. He thrust back and forth, now a lot easier with the yanking open of her muscles. They rocked and Aruna, knowing her uncle didn’t come that easily and sharing the sense of urgency did her bit by moving her hips back and forth.

The shelf shook with their efforts and one of Sudhir Uncle’s football trophies, loaded with his medals, clattered to the floor with medals strewn everywhere.

Sudhir lifted the girl so he could move closer to the door and see if he had stirred anything. He continued fucking and concentrating on his cockhead. He adeptly moved his cockhead so the lips grabbed at the most sensitive part of his cockhead and rode her over himself.

He felt his cum boiling up and he closed his eyes to concentrate more. As he felt himself about to burst into her he wondered about impregnating her. he opened his eyes to ask her and he spotted movement at the far end.

Sudhir shuffled to the deepest recess of the room and laying Aruna down back on a table there, emptied into her in torrents. Aruna beat her heels on his ass and shuddered in one more bout of her own orgasmic pleasure as Sudhir beat into her.

AS he spewed he would have loved to rest on her. he would love to cum in small dribbles and let his cock recede into flaccidity and sleep with the girl.

Right now he could not even afford to stroke himself once more. As the belching stopped he withdrew and wrapped his mundu firmly, staggering to his feet.

Shanta thought she had seen a heel up in the air which could only have been Aruna’s as she approached the room. She wondered what was happening there. There was not much which could surprise her as she had seen her niece do more than girls her age typically did. But the loud clatter was bound to arouse her curiosity.

When she entered the room she saw Sudhir and Aruna on the floor on all fours, gathering the medals and the trophy which had fallen.

“What happened” she asked.

“Everything came down” said Aruna looking up at her aunt.

Sudhir’s prone position hid his cock which was still receding, but was dripping. Aruna’s skirt was pressed to her crotch — the thick fabric had soaked up her flow, but not soaked through.

Her hands covered with batter Shanta felt she could not help at that moment. She turned away asking “How?” and without waiting for a reply headed back where she came from.

As Sudhir got up to his feet he found himself behind Aruna who was still on all fours moving about picking up things. He held her hips. Moving his hips close to her ass he pressed his cock against her ass and said something he could not have dreamt of telling his niece: “This time I treated you like a slut. Next time I will fuck you like a bitch!”

He ground against her ass taking the pleasure he missed due to his quick withdrawal. Aruna squirmed back against him.

Yes, uncle now seemed ready to teach. And she didn’t how what uncle meant. She was ready to learn. Not now. Not today.

There was too much to do.

She sighed as she got up, cum and fluids pouring down unhindered. It was now confirmed. Gopi might have initiated her. but satiation lay elsewhere.

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