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A girl gets fucked by many at a dance club

We walk into a dance club and walk onto the dance floor. A really slow song comes on and we both smile. I see a chair and I lead you to it. You sit down in the chair. You wonder if I’m going to sit down too. You have no idea that I’m going to dance for you.

I move back onto the floor some and I start touching my body for you. You watch me your eyes focused on my body. I then suddenly take off my top and my skirt throwing it in the floor. Your eyes get wide with lust noticing that I am completely nude in front of you now. You whistle at my direction but so do other men that are happening to notice me at the same time. One man notices me a lot and he comes over to me. He stands behind me and boldly places his hands on my tits massaging them. He then leans forward towards my ear.

“Hey sexy. You’ve got a hot body and I’m going to fuck you. Oh by the way, my name is Aaron. What’s yours?” he whispers.

I gasp and sigh at the feeling of this stranger’s touch. He presses his body up against me and I can feel his hard cock up against my ass. Your mouth flies open and you can’t believe what you are seeing. You want to say something to stop this guy, but you find yourself frozen with a new kind of lust. You find yourself wanting to see this guy fuck me even though I am your lover.

“What’s your name?”. he whispers in my ear again.

“It’s Stephanie.”. I whisper back

He smiles and slowly lets one of his hands trail down to my pussy. He then takes three fingers and shoves them into me. I cry out loudly as his mouth finds my neck and he kisses it hungrily. He then shoves his fingers into me once again and turns me around pushing my head down to his cock. I bring my hands forward and quickly undo his pants pulling them down around his knees, noticing that he has no boxers on and that his cock is rock hard. He looks down at me.

“Suck me now bitch. Suck me good and I’ll give you one hell of a pounding fuck.” he says.

My mouth hungrily goes for his cock and I suck him so hard deepthroating him quickly. He moans and calls out my name. You watch me as my head bobs up and down on his cock. He then suddenly pulls my head away and turns me back around bending me over a table. He shoves his cock into me and fucks me with wild abandon. I scream and cry out looking over at you. Your eyes catch mine and you smile knowing that I am enjoying this.

I am quite surprised that you haven’t tried to stop this guy but at the same time I am in pleasure from being fucked. He grabs onto my hips and really starts pounding his cock into me hard. So hard that the table shakes underneath us. I reach underneath me and rub my clit so I can cum. He thrusts hard into me one last time and cums into me filling me up with his manly seed. I cum at the same time, my hand rubbing wildly. You notice that your cock has gotten rock hard just watching. He finishes cumming into me and pulls out. He pulls his pants back up and slips me his number on a piece of paper. He then leans forward.

“Thanks baby. You’re one great fuck. Hope we can do this again sometime.” he says.

He then walks away. I lay there over the table breathing wildly. You find yourself highly aroused and you take my hand in yours. You take your other hand and pull your pants and boxers down. Your cock stands up straight and I notice it. You then pull me down onto your lap and sink your cock into my freshly fucked pussy. You start pounding me as I lean forwards.

“God your such a slut, Stephanie. Letting that guy fuck you like that in front of me. I’m going to fuck you so hard.” you whisper to me.

I cry out loudly as you fuck me.

“Ooh yes I am a slut. Oh yes baby fuck me hard. Give it to hard. Make me feel all of you.” I whisper back.

You growl with a****l lust as you pound my pussy harder. You then lift me up and push me forward some. My ass becomes lined up with your cock. You grab onto my hips and sink your cock into my ass hard. I scream out your name and grip onto your legs as your cock slides into me and starts fucking me. I then start pushing my ass against you. You take my tits in your hands and squeeze them hard. You pound my ass hard with your cock making me feel it. You then slip one of your hands down to my clit and rub it hard making me become wetter for you. I moan loudly feeling your rock hard shaft deep in my tight ass and your hand on my clit.

Suddenly, a sexy hispanic woman is leaning against me. Her hands are on my shoulders and her face is right in front of mine. I don’t know what’s happening until I look behind her. I see Aaron behind her. He tosses her panties onto my lap and pulls her long skirt up. He then inserts his cock into her pussy from behind and begins to fuck her wildly as she moans to it. He supports her weight with his hands. She moves one hand down to finger fuck my pussy as the other hand squeezes your tit. I am a little bit annoyed at first since I have never really been with another woman before. But as seconds pass and I watch as her exposed tits are bouncing to her getting fucked from behind by the stud I become less annoyed and more aroused. I ride your cock harder now going more wildly up and down on your cock that is in my sexy ass. You bite my neck lustfully noticing how much I am enjoying the scene before me now. You then move your mouth to my ear.

“You are such a little slut to be enjoying this Steph.” you whisper.

I moan in approval and lean my head back towards you.

“Ooh baby, I’m cumming! ” I cry out.

You feel my juices flooding your hand and you moan cause you love to have your hand covered in me. The Hispanic woman feels me cum, and she bends down to lick up my juices. I feel her tongue on your pussy licking fast and hard. I can also feel her being pressed into me with each thrust from Aaron. She licks me a little bit longer then stops and brings her head back up. I then feel your hands grip my tits tightly and I can tell you’re about to cum into me. I notice that the woman has stopped and I automatically assume she’s done for the night. But she is nowhere near done with me yet.

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