Tuesday , January 31 2023

A girl gets fucked by many at a dance club

We walk into a dance club and walk onto the dance floor. A really slow song comes on and we both smile. I see a chair and I lead you to it. You sit down in the chair. You wonder if I’m going to sit down too. You have no idea that I’m going to dance for you.

I move back onto the floor some and I start touching my body for you. You watch me your eyes focused on my body. I then suddenly take off my top and my skirt throwing it in the floor. Your eyes get wide with lust noticing that I am completely nude in front of you now. You whistle at my direction but so do other men that are happening to notice me at the same time. One man notices me a lot and he comes over to me. He stands behind me and boldly places his hands on my tits massaging them. He then leans forward towards my ear.

“Hey sexy. You’ve got a hot body and I’m going to fuck you. Oh by the way, my name is Aaron. What’s yours?” he whispers.

I gasp and sigh at the feeling of this stranger’s touch. He presses his body up against me and I can feel his hard cock up against my ass. Your mouth flies open and you can’t believe what you are seeing. You want to say something to stop this guy, but you find yourself frozen with a new kind of lust. You find yourself wanting to see this guy fuck me even though I am your lover.

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