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A good girl is seduced by the town’s bad girl

Grace, so appropriately named, was such a good girl before Robyn came along. So fucking innocent. She was the kind of girl who always had perfect grades and a perfect track record, who attended church every Sunday, and barely wore any makeup except for subtle lip gloss.

But then, she met Robyn, with her chipped black nail polish, rock band tees and taste for obscure music. Robyn would look at Grace with lust clouding her blue eyes, it would make Grace shudder, the way her gaze traveled the length of her body. But the shivers that ran up her spine gathered in a pool of warmth in the pit of her stomach and lower still. Especially lower.

They sat in the same row during mass, and Grace always caught Robyn looking at her, but Grace looked at her, too. At the way her fingers drummed an invisible beat against her thigh, at the teeth marks perpetually indented in her bottom lip, and most of all, at the way she looked back at her with a sinful expression. It made heat rise to her cheeks and she would always turn away. She could never hold that girl’s gaze for too long, otherwise, it would make her feel violated, stripped bare, causing her to press her thighs tightly together.

Because this was a small town with a close-knit community, a group had volunteered to stay behind and clean up after the latest luncheon, which had always been a regular event at the church. And much to Grace’s surprise, Robyn had volunteered as well. After the helpers had gradually filed out, Grace turned, only to notice that only she and Robyn now remained in the empty church. Robyn was folding and moving some chairs in an almost automatic manner, as she turned to collect discarded program leaflets from the lectern. Suddenly, she felt an unexpected weight pressing against her back, making a breath escape her lips at the contact, at the way she was being pinned against the lectern.

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