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A guy trains his girlfriend to be a public receptacle

Angel sighed deeply, her mouth slightly pursed as the
air pushed out over her lips. She had been preparing
for this for so long, and now it was so much that she
could barely restrain herself. Tom was behind her,
leaning against the club wall, his arms wrapped around
her as he kissed the back of her neck. His teeth on the
soft skin of her neck, his breath on her scalp, was all
nearly drowned in the sensation of his cock head
rhythmically stabbing deep into her vagina.

On and off all night he had taken advantage of her
predicament. Angel had spent a few months allowing Tom
to select and then stretch her cunt to accommodate
varying hollow tubes. Starting with plumbing fittings,
experimenting with drink mix containers, and finally
adapting a livestock fertilization tubes – Tom had
found an incredible combination of openness and
heightened sensitivity. Once strapped into Angel, she
was at the mercy of anything he slipped into her for
she had no ability to close her vagina.

And tonight she had felt the delights and the tortures
that brought. The tube itself was a hard rubber
material, so it flexed slightly with heating but would
not yield too much compression. Cutting it down and
sanding the edges to a smooth finish yielded a hollow
toy shaped like a rounded segment of a conical plug.
Its taper was slight though, the open end penetrating
her lips was 3.25 inches wide and the total length of 4
inches inside of her when the 3.75 inch width locked in
to place just before her inner labia could be stretched
out past it.

The locking was achieved with a rounded soft latex
gasket about a quarter inch in diameter and running
around the external circumference of the tube – sealing
the toy in while protected her labia and thighs from
any pinching or snagging between the tube’s external
edge and the steel rings holding it in place.

Running around Angel’s waist was a light weight leather
harness belt, and coming down from it were two straps
in the front that linked into two small steel d-rings
in the tube’s edge. The straps, when run taut to hold
the tube firmly in place, ran in a V shape along both
edges of Angel’s pelvis emphasizing the funnel that
left her open for any kind of penetration. In the back
a slightly thicker strap ran tightly down between
Angel’s ass cheeks and anchored the tube with another

Tonight Angel wore a pleated black and grey skirt that
came to mid thigh. Her legs a vision in black thigh
high stockings that were actually fastened to the
leather harness belt rather than a garter belt. She
wore a satin black shirt with a jacket over it to keep
warm. The constant breeze in and out of her vagina
tended to make her feel cold, though right now the
jacket was unnecessary given how hot she felt from
Tom’s stimulation.

While dressing Angel, Tom had scurried about to and fro
trying to make sure everything would fit and be snug
but safe and comfortable at the same time.
Once in the car his attitude had shifted, and Angel had
enjoyed how he had her lean the car seat back and put
her feet apart on the floor and let her skirt slip back
to her waist from the air coming through the windows.

She could feel her vaginal walls pulse from being held
open but with nothing but cool air touching her depths.
The rubber cooled slightly which gave her a chill, so
Tom had Angel reach into herself to finger her inner
walls. It was so different, as she could nearly put her
whole fist inside of herself before even touching her
cunt – and then the sudden sensation of Angel’s
fingertips and knuckles just sparked up and down her

Once at the club Tom had been coy and scouted out
several good places to play without being too overt
about things. Every now and again he would lean into
Angel and kiss her, or tease her with tiny verbal
taunts. About thirty minutes into the night, he had
brought Angel to stand beside where he sat and given
her a big smile. As she looked at him curiously, he
produced a small mirror and placed it just so in his

Angel looked down and as the club lights drifted up and
down she saw her own open cunt – the dull black
finishing of the tube in contrast with the steel of the
d-rings and the pale white skin. It was too dark to
say, but nonetheless Angel felt a tingle up her spine
because she thought she could make out the pulsing pink
flesh of her inner walls. It was like watching herself
in the movies they made of her playing with huge toys
until she was gaping open.

After another hour of working up Angel, Tom had taken
her to a dark back corner and pulled her ass onto his
pelvis. Kissing her fiercely, he then leaned against
the wall and unbuttoned the fly of his leather BDUs.
Angel felt his hands fumbling a bit around her ass, but
she didn’t know what was happening until he
straightened up and she felt his boxers on her bare ass
cheeks and then the solid planting of his cock head
deep inside her vagina.

Then his hands went to her hips and guided her into
position on his cock, her labia only feeling leather
and cotton and rubber despite the cock that was clearly
fucking her. Then Tom ran his hands up her ribs to
straighten her up a bit and hold Angel steady as he
rocked in and out of cunt.

Nibbling the back of her neck, Tom made kept Angel on
the edge between struggling to stay poised while
clamoring for more. Then he leaned up to her ear and
whispered how much he enjoyed her being so open. How
much he wanted her like this as often as possible. The
heat inside Angel’s cunt was bursting, juices running
all over her thighs and his boxers and pants.

Just as she came, Tom whispered in her ear how much he
would like her to see how long and how often she could
wear her opening harness. Angel couldn’t help but feel
her cunt give an extra squeeze because she was
wondering the same thing…

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