Wednesday , February 1 2023

A husband and wife attend her Christmas office party

Last December my wife went to an office Christmas party.
It was for employees only so I was not invited. I told my
wife Linda, that I was going to a ball game. But I
changed my mind and went home instead.

After watching TV for a while I went to bed. About one in
the morning I heard voices. I got up and started to walk
out of the bedroom. I saw a man helping my wife in the
front door, closely followed by two other guys. I assumed
they were three of Linda’s office co-workers.

I backed into the dark bedroom and decided to watch and
see what was going to happen. My wife took off her coat
and sat down on the couch near the far wall from the

The bedroom was dark and I only had the door open a
little so they could not see me. I watched my wife sit
down on the couch and almost immediately one of the guys
sat down beside her. The other two sat on this side of
the living room. I could tell my wife had had quite a bit
to drink as she was not too careful how she sat down.

She had on her short red dress with the low cut neckline
that I love so much. As it really shows her legs and the
top of her tits. And she never wears a bra with it. When
she sat down the dress rode up to almost the top of her
nylons. From where I was sitting I could see the white
soft skin of her thighs above the tops of her nylons.

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