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A husband blindfolds a wife and lets a friend have some fun

Salman and his wife, Zoya and have a very exciting
marriage. She’s a wonderful lover, friend and a very
beautiful woman. Other men are often attracted to her,
and one can see them looking and lusting after her
whenever they are out in the evening. Salman finds this
exciting and encourages her to wear revealing clothing
and insists that she go braless as often as possible,
especially at home, because nature has blessed her with
a pair of the sexiest breasts possible ;perfectly round
and succulent capped by chocolate-pink coloured nipples
which invariably peep through transparent dresses.

Zoya was 34 years old. She has exposed her breasts on
nude beaches and Salman is sure she enjoyed all the
stares. Once in the evening when it was slightly dark
she even pulled off her panties and played around in
the sea fully naked. Not only that while walking back
they came across a fisherfolk couple. It was dark but
they had a lantern. Still Zoya stopped and asked them a
few questions just to let them realize that they were
talking to a pretty young and naked lady.

Whenever she wears a saree it is always with sleeveless
blouses and deep plunging necklines in front and at the
back. Not only this whenever she visits Salmans
parents she is always properly clothed in Salwar
Kameez. No wonder they are all praise for their pretty

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