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A husband brings his drinking buddy home one evening to help spice up his sex life

Paula arrived home from shopping to find the house
empty. It was a nice break from her normal days with two
kids and her husband John waiting for her. Married for
15 years, Paula enjoyed a pretty routine life with
husband, kids, and school. She frequently thought about
talking with John about doing something spontaneous,
something exciting. But, Paula never found the courage.
She and John were married fifteen years ago.

Paula was a virgin, and although John was patient with
her sexually, their sex was as routine as the rest of
their lives. John attempted to spice things up and
sometimes asked Paula to dress sexy or to go braless,
but Paula was self-conscious about her body. At five
feet five inches tall and 120 pounds, at 35 years of
age, Paula felt that the two children took a toll on her
young body.

Although John disagreed, Paula felt her 34C breasts
sagged and her tummy show the results of being stretched
to bear two children and her ass was not as firm as when
they married. Being self-conscious about this appearance
prevented Paula from being adventurous outside the

Even though Paula was a virgin when she and John met,
she had progressed to making love Rockygy-style, which
John seemed to enjoy. Paula also sucked John off
occasionally, but even after 15 years, she still refused
to swallow his semen.

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