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A husband encourages his wife to have an affair with the neighbor’s son and she does

My name is Jack Duncan. I am 45 and a professional
photographer. My wife Debbie is 32 with wavy, natural
blonde hair atop a 5’6″ body weighing 123 pounds.
Blessed with a beautiful face and stark green eyes,
Debbie has shapely hips carried on long, lovely legs.
With supple breasts filling a B-cup, she is an
attractive woman.

My appetite for eroticism to some is strange. I am a
voyeur and having a vivid imagination and pretty wife I
am highly aroused watching her flirt with other men. I
even encouraged her to get a boyfriend. Of course this
hurt her feelings.

One day I was sitting at my desk in our den reading
impregnation stories and didn’t hear her approach. I
was startled when she wrapped her arms around me. I
could feel her breath on my neck and her breasts
pressed against my back as she looked over my shoulder.
In a soft voice she asked, “What are you reading?”

For several awkward moments I held my breath as she
studied the screen. “Read it to me,” she whispered.
Hesitantly I read the story about a husband who
encourages his wife to take a lover and she gets

Debbie asked, “Do you fantasize like this when we have

“Mmm-huh,” and immediately I regretted my answer.

She sighed and gave me a cuff and turned to leave.
Smarting from her reaction I called after her, “Wait,
what about you? What turns you on?”

Glancing over her shoulder she merely said, “Boys of

One night we were out to dinner with our neighbors,
Alice and Ben Johnson. They are a black couple in their
40’s. Ben is an accountant and the girls teach at the
same school. The discussion turned to a recent news
report about a female teacher who had sex with a
student. Ben said, “A teacher having sex with her
student turns me on.”

“It’s hot,” I agreed.

“How hot do you think it would be if your wife was
having sex with one of her students?” Alice asked
shooting an inquiring look my way.

“Debbie told me that boys turn her on,” I chuckled.

Alice quickly turned to Debbie and asked, “Have you
been approached?”

There was silence at first as Debbie glared at me. “No,
and Jack’s imagination is working overtime,” Debbie
answered firmly.

Not deterred Ben asked, “What if she did have an affair
with one of her boys?”

“Ah, sex with a school boy, if only to indulge a
fantasy,” I answered wistfully.

“An affair is not a one night stand,” Alice pointed

Both Ben and Alice knew about my voyeurism, so without
any embarrassment I explained, “I’ve told her she can
date. She can have single privileges for however long
she wants.”

By now Debbie was blushing in humiliation with the
conversation focused on her and boys. Alice on the
other hand had a twinkle in her eyes. Looking at Debbie
she patted her hand and said, “I know a boy you can
have sex with.”

Astounded, Debbie asked, “Who?”

Alice probed, “Are you interested or just curious?”
Embarrassment flushing her face Debbie pleaded, “Tell
me who.”

“Micah,” Ben beamed.

Debbie looked at Ben and then Alice in disbelief,
gasping she declared “Micah is your son!” Her eyes
blinking rapidly she asked, “Are you suggesting?” In
unison both Ben and Alice declared, “Yes!”

Astonished she thought about what they were proposing.
It was bizarre. She adored Micah and his image rose in
her mind. He was tall for his age, about her height. He
had the African features of his father and the gentle
personality and inquisitive intellect of his mother.
With the slight build of a young teen he was quite

“Look,” Alice began “Micah’s birthday is in a month.
Between now and then be a little more intimate with him
and see how you feel. You could be his birthday

We made love that night and Debbie was incredibly
passionate. Afterward I said, “You were especially
aggressive tonight. Were you thinking about Micah?”

“Hmmm yes,” she murmured gazing at nothing.

“What were you thinking?” I asked encouraging her to
say more.

“I was imagining me in your fantasy.”

Curious I said, “Oh?”

She turned away to sleep. Moments passed and then in a
whisper she asked “and in your fantasy do I get
pregnant?” Sleep for me was a long time coming as I
considered the consequence of her question.

For several days I watched as Debbie went about her
normal routine. Then I noticed she began to spend more
and more time with Micah. At first it was quite
innocent. They would sit together just talking or
watching TV. But soon they were holding hands, and then
cuddling and kissing.

Finally the month was concluding and Micah’s birthday
was here. Standing with her arms around him Debbie
asked “what can I give you for your birthday?” She was
wearing a light cotton see-through blouse. Braless her
pink areolas and darker nipples were plainly visible.

Shyly he looked down at her breasts and fidgeted not
answering. Aroused, his erection pressed against her.
He was nervous and self-conscious, but finally found
the courage to ask in a raspy voice, “Would you be my

Moved by how she felt the moment Micah spoke those
words, Debbie’s eyes began to water. “Do you mean the
kind of girlfriend you love?” she asked emotion welling
up in her now trembling voice.

Quickly seeing how Debbie was reacting Micah tried to
run away saying, “I’m sorry Debbie. I know you are

Debbie pulled him to her laying kiss upon kiss over his
face. Sniffling with tears running down her cheeks she
said, “Oh Baby yes I want to be your girlfriend.”

Looking into her eyes Micah’s face relaxed from the
torment he felt just seconds before. He hesitantly
touched his lips to Debbie’s and she opened her mouth
to him for the first time. Although inexperienced his
kiss was passionate, long and loving. Micah carefully
placed a hand over her breast and when Debbie didn’t
object he gently squeezed.

Breaking the kiss at last Debbie asked, “Tomorrow is
your birthday, will you sleep with me tonight?”

Fear flashed across his face as he stammered “b-but?”

“Jack doesn’t care,” she softly assured as she kissed
him again and again. She removed her wedding ring
saying, “I’m your girl now.

Debbie went to tell Alice the news. She was sure, no
longer apprehensive. She had developed an emotional
bond with Micah she in no way expected. She explained
that he asked her to be his girlfriend and that she
wanted him to spend the night with her. Alice’s face
grew bright as she cried, “That is wonderful news. And
what about Jack, does he still want this?”

“Yes, in fact he is probably masturbating right now. I
told him Micah was going to spend the night with me and
he needed to move his things to the spare room. He
could hardly contain himself. He got an erection the
second I told him.”

That night Debbie dressed in a short red silk robe.
Cuddled together on the couch, her legs intertwined
with his I could see she wore nothing underneath. She
kissed him lovingly, and tenderly stroking his face she
whispered, “I’m in love with you Micah.” I could tell
by her ragged breathing that Debbie was aroused.

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