Wednesday , February 1 2023

A husband invites a few guys from work over one night to partake in his wife

It was a dark and stormy night, I’ve always wanted to
write that and finally I truthfully can. I invited a
few guys working in my construction company over to
watch Sunday Night Baseball. We had lots of beer
stockpiled and although it was raining hard, I had the
windows open. I like hot, humid weather and love the
sound of falling rain. I must say I often admire my
wife looks, but when it’s hot outside, she seems to
look better. Just a little wet glimmer on her face.

Sarah, my wife, was keeping everyone well stocked with
beer and snacks. She looked great in her tight cutoffs,
tits bouncing inside her halter-top. She has a trim
little ass, awesome tits, long blond hair and pale blue
eyes. I noticed she was getting a lot of attention as
she moved around the room refreshing beers. She noticed
too, in fact, she took every opportunity to wiggle her
ass around everyone, especially Fred.

When Sarah went to get another round, we heard a loud
crack of thunder, and she muttered, “Oh shit.”

I yelled, “Need any help, what’s the matter?”

Sarah replied, “No, nothings wrong, I just spilled some

Well, when she walked back in it was apparent where she
spilled the beer. She looked like a wet T-shirt prize-
winner. Swollen nipples, you could see every line, each
curve of her breast through her thin white halter-top.
Just then on TV, there was a loud crack of the bat and
a home run.

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