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A lonely Indian wife discovers blessing in disguise

Mostly beauty changes with time and weather. Sometimes — beauty carries her own weather with her. She tranquilized the evening, as Sneha walks into the hotel lobby. The dull golden of the setting sun submerged on the dusk of her cheeks with the silver of clouds. She blushed looking at him—and everything exploded crimson.

Pawan rushed holding her in his eyes, Sneha was in a stylish outfit of loose top, only expressing the overwhelming curves and skin-tight pants at her narrow waist—groin, upper thighs loosening into pleated pants, embodied with frills. A loose multicolor scarf was encircling her head, shoulders and breasts. The scarf was never a part of her regular dress, but she preferred it today, to see her ex-boyfriend, Pawan. It was just a casual lunch date, yet Sneha ensured that her dressing didn’t convey any expectations, all she wanted was to see him, for once- after long years.

His heart skipped a beat and another as she approached him. Despite that modesty in her dressing, Sneha had turned out to be a beautiful princess of the Mysore dynasty, augmented with her dark eyes and fairly dusky skin. Pawan, recollected with uncertainty whether she is looking good now or before with her conservative sarees, where only the tightness of wrapping would squeeze her curves, her lovely figure with full bosom and shapely hourglass frame.

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