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A man’s wife gets a lot of attention at the public pool

Cheating wife, A man’s wife gets a lot of attention at the public pool, erotic stories, I am 51 and my wife is 37. My wife has nice, firm tits and large nipples. We were spreading out the towels to lie on and I noticed 3 young men behind her enjoying the view of her ample round ass. As we lay down I informed her of her audience and she giggled. She asked which one and I pointed them out as they dove into the pool.

We lay there making small talk when I saw my wife open her legs wide on the towel and expose herself to the young men hanging on to the side of the pool. She sat up and started rubbing sunscreen on herself and I sat up to help. I took the lotion and rubbed her neck and back slowly, enjoying her soft smooth skin. I then unzipped the front of her suit about 3″ and slowly rubbed her chest while flickering with her nipples which were very erect.

She took the lotion and rubbed her legs and applied slowly on her inter thighs. She rubbed against her pussy on the outside making the young men stare in disbelief. She walked to the pool and down the steps and swam to the other side of the pool. As she swam I noticed more onlookers watching her plump ass in the water. She motioned for me to come and join her, which I did eagerly.

When I got close to her I noticed she had pulled her suit up into her crotch making a nice camel toe, showing off what she had. I kissed her and told her she was teasing more than me. She then gave me a peck on the cheek and swam on her back to the deep end of the pool. While swimming one of the young men bumped her and reached out to catch her before she went under the water, brushing her breast and thighs. He caught her in between her legs and around her waist. I knew he brushed against her pussy and felt her tits on his arm.

She stood up and he said he was sorry for bumping into her and asked if she was alright. She giggled and walked away. He stared at her and adjusted his cock in his shorts. The other two young men swam over to him and they started chatting away. I am sure he was telling them of her firm tits and soft legs. I saw them turn and stare as she walked to the diving board.

As she climbed up to get on the diving board she slid her fingers around the suit so dislodge her wet bottom and zipped up her front. The young men took off like rockets to the deep end of the pool and watched eagerly as she bounced off the board into the pool. She entered the pool like a pro.

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As she pulled herself out of the pool on the ladder she had 2 of the 3 young men right behind her. I saw her turn and talk to them but could not make out what they said. My wife and the 2 young men walked to the high dive and started up the ladder. The young man right behind her was staring at her pussy as she climbed up the ladder. She had to stop on the third step from the top to wait her turn in line. As she waited I watched as she again ran her fingers around the bottom of the suit adjusting it, but also giving the young men a treat. One of them then reached up and rubbed her legs and kissed her ankle.

She moved up the ladder but did not climb on the board yet even though there was room keeping one foot below the other on the ladder. By this time both of the young men were standing side by side on the ladder, with one licking her inner thigh and the other running his finger under the back of her bathing suit. A big splash broke their moment and she climbed up so she could dive off.

She adjusted everything in the suit and dove feet first into the pool. Upon entry her left breast eased out of the top and was full exposed. She rolled over and gently unzipped and re-zipped her top. One on the young men jumped in and landed very near to my wife and came up between her legs acting like it was an accident. She smiled and swam to the side to try the high dive again.

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By now there were several more men at the high dive and the line was getting longer. There were 15 people in front of my wife wanting to jump but one older man offered to let her in front of him. She walked forward and no one complained so she stayed and started talking to the gentleman. As she climbed the ladder this man was trying to get his fingers inside her bathing suit but was having some problems. She again adjusted herself allowing him greater access to start fingering her on the ladder.

To my amazement none of the lifeguards were going to say anything to him as everyone at the pool knew what was going on. It seemed to be a turn-on to most of the people at the pool. I noticed other couples warming up and enjoying this new freedom. Finally one of the women lifeguards approached me and asked if I knew what was going on at the high dive. I said I was fully aware, knowing she was getting wetter by the minute. The lifeguard then asked me if we were swingers, to which I said no. She then brushed up against me and I felt her sweet ass against my hand.

My wife had made it to the top of the ladder and the man below was trying to hide his erect penis from full view on the top. This time my wife dove in head first and glided to the ladder nearest me smiling and giving me a little wink. She saw the lifeguard and asked if all was okay. I told her it was and she came up out of the pool and introduced herself to the lifeguard. The lifeguard winked and walked away. My wife suggested we go and get some sun.

Again I rubbed her with lotion and lay down to get some sun. I pulled a hat over my head and dozed off. I woke up to voices talking to my wife. I peeped and saw 3 young men and the older man sitting there talking. I noticed my wife was sitting Indian style with her legs crossed. She was sharing her pussy with all to see. They asked her if she needed any more lotion and of course she said yes. One of the young men loaded his hands and started on her back and shoulders. Another stared on her legs and yet another on her face. The older man was rubbing her toes and took them and place them on his lap, letting her feel his full length.

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