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A married couple’s new experience – Wife Sharing

The first time I kissed Mark I knew he was the one. It took me a few years to get past my fear of being abandoned before I admitted that fact to myself. Marrying him was the smartest thing I have ever done. He healed my heart and made it grow. My love for him is complete and without condition.

Mark is an amazing man. He is few inches shorter than my 5’9″ height. His shoulders are broad, and he is very muscular. He is also an amazing lover. Most of the reason he is so good in bed is in the way he makes love. It does not hurt that he is very well endowed, but it is his technique and utter focus on me that matters most. After the first time we made love I fought the urge to tell him I loved him and that he could never leave me. He is caring, romantic, and more than I ever thought I could deserve.

From the outside looking in a person would think I am dominant, and he is passive. He lets me be dominant because my happiness is more important to him than his own. That does not mean he will not take charge when he feels the need. He just doesn’t most of the time because he knows I need to be in control. If it is important to me and he doesn’t see a conflict, he lets me run with whatever I want to do. He is far from weak or passive. He is compassionate, loving, and a fucking stud.

He told me after we had been together for a while that he was surprised that I had given him the time of day. In his experience women tended to judge him because of his height before he ever had the chance to show them who he was. I did think of that when I met him, but he made me laugh. It had been so long since I felt like laughing that when I got around to thinking about our height difference it no longer mattered.

We dated for a few years before we married. I was afraid of what the future might bring if I committed to something permanent. The failure of my parent’s marriage made me feel that I would fail too. I eventually realized that I was not my mother and Mark was not my philandering dad. We have been married for four years and they have been the happiest years of my life.

We did not start out with much of anything. We lived together for two years before we married. Both of us are driven to constantly be improving ourselves and our lives. We worked low paying jobs and attended night classes to get our first two-year degrees. Those degrees led to slightly better jobs. We continued night classes and eventually obtained bachelor’s degrees. As a result, we both had progressed further in our careers and were now living comfortably.

We were so focused on improving our lives through our careers that we never took time for us. We got married on a Saturday, ‘honeymooned’ at home, and were back to work on Monday. We both knew we needed time for us. Now that we had some money in the bank, we decided to take a long overdue honeymoon. It was winter were we live, and we wanted someplace warm. We decided on a ten day stay at an all-inclusive, adults only, resort in the Caribbean.

I was so excited! I am not a stereotypical shopaholic. I ‘shop’ for needed things and rarely shop just to be shopping. It just so happened that I needed a lot of things for our vacation. I had clothes I could have taken, but I wanted Mark’s mouth to drop open every time he saw me. I bought new bikinis for the day, sexy dresses for the evening, nightwear to knock his socks off, and lingerie to fill in any gaps. The shorts and tops I bought were a compromise between sexy and getting arrested.

I knew Mark would just throw stuff in a suitcase and call it a day. He would make sure he had enough of everything, but he wouldn’t worry about how it looked. I made sure he had new clothing too. I know it is a bit petty, but I like to show him off and make other women envy me. I get a thrill from the way they look at him while knowing he is mine. They think he looks hot, but that’s only the package. If they knew what he was like in bed I would have to fight them off.

We flew out early on Thursday morning. It was twenty degrees Fahrenheit at the airport when we left. We arrived at the island and it was a breezy ninety degrees. By the time we made it out of the airport and into our cab we were both soaked with sweat. It didn’t help that we were both wearing jeans and long-sleeved shirts. All I wanted to do was find air-conditioning and a shower.

We walked into the lobby and were met by the wonderfully friendly staff. The first thing they did was give us cool wash clothes for our faces and refreshing tropical drinks. Our hosts went over the details while we cooled off and began drinking what proved to be a long series of tropical drink concoctions. One of the staff escorted us to our room and left us slightly less hot, overloaded with information, and giddy with excitement.

Mark is an organized guy. I thought that the first thing he would do is unpack and put everything in its place. Instead, he kissed me. Then he kissed me some more and harder. He walked me toward the bath, undressing us both as we went. By the time we reached the shower we were both nearly naked. The rest of it came off as the water rained down on us. I was as wet inside as outside and I wanted him in me. He must have read my mind because He picked me up and slowly lowered me onto his cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist, my arms wrapped around his neck and planted my mouth on his. His muscular arms easily supported my weight as his hands grabbed my ass and slid me up and down his shaft.

The fatigue and sweat of travel were washed away and replaced by excitement. As our excitement began to build our lust built with it. The shower nearly drowned out the sound of our bodies slapping together. It could not drown out my shouts of joy when I orgasmed or his groans as he came in me.

Our mindsets changed in the shower. Jobs, concerns, and the rest of the world were hidden away in the back of our brains. From now until we left the resort our entire focus was on each other and fun. We finally stood in the shower and kissed deeply while my legs gradually stopped trembling.

Mark put on his swim trunks while I hid in the bathroom and put on my new bikini. I took my time getting ready. I walked out and watched Mark. He was putting away his clothing as I stood waiting. Finally, he turned toward me and froze. The clothes in his hand dropped to the floor and his mouth dropped open, “Wow! Is that what you wore to the SI Swimsuit photo shoot? God, you are beautiful!”

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