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A middle class housewife discovers a new world

“Oh…ok.” Amar believed it.

“Doesn’t she look happy? And see how obediently she is doing her homework.”

“Yes, of course. But it is materialistic behavior, Mansi.” Amar’s sanctimonious professorial tone came out.

“Why don’t you try explaining your thoughts on materialism to Pinky?” she sarcastically said.

“I will. Some day.” Amar said and walked away.

Again, Mansi felt annoyed at her husband. He liked to talk the talk on materialism and idealism and everything. But she was the one who had to live it out. And deal with a very demanding little girl. But Mansi decided not to feel surly about it. It was a rare happy day. She could still remember how Pinky’s expression had turned from a scowl to one of delight when she finally told her that she’d buy her the helicopter. It had to be the cheapest model, of course. But even then, the little girl had been over the moon. And she had felt even happier when, after stepping out of the mall, Mansi had decided to take an A/C taxi home instead of a rickshaw. With the savings from the gift card, she could afford it.

As usual, Amar’s history session continued past just snacks and tea and it rolled over into dinner. Pinky finished her homework, and tired from running around after the helicopter, fell asleep on the bed. Amar’s friends finally left after dinner and the two of them headed to the bedroom.

Exhausted, Mansi laid down on the bed next to Pinky just the way she was, in a comfortable simple sari.

“Can you take Pinky to the couch?” Amar asked as he headed to the bathroom. “And why don’t you change into a gown instead?”

“Oh…okay.” Mansi said and got off the bed.

She knew what that meant. She gently carried her daughter to the couch. Pinky was a heavy sleeper, so did not wake up at all. Mansi put her on the couch and covered her with a thin sheet. Living in a small one bedroom apartment, that’s the only way the married couple could get some privacy. Wait until the daughter falls asleep and then put her in the living room. She then went back to the bedroom and took a gown out of the closet. It was a simple modest full body sleeping gown. She changed into it and got into bed waiting for Amar. But she was so tired that she fell asleep almost right away.

The room was dark when Mansi felt herself being pushed a little. She opened her eyes.

“Are you awake?” Amar whispered.

“Hmmm.” she responded.

“Too tired for it?” he considerately asked.

“No, I am ready.” she said. It had been a while since the last time.

In a flash, Amar got on top of her, sliding off his pyjama and underwear. His hands went to her ankle and started pushing the gown up. It was easier than pushing up her sari. Mansi hated those gowns. But she knew that whenever Amar suggested that she sleep in a gown, it was a signal that he wanted sex that night. It happened about once a fortnight.

Amar pushed the gown all the way up to her chest. He reached behind her and fumbled with her bra hooks. Even after eight years, it always took him a while to unhook her bra. Then he played with her boobs with one hand as his other hand slipped her panties down. There was some perfunctory kissing for a few seconds. Mansi could feel her husband’s erect dick against her thighs.

It had been eight years so there were no surprises left as such. Mansi could predict Amar’s moves and their sequence. After the few seconds of kissing, he took her right nipple in his teeth and gently bit it. Then his left hand moved to her right knee and pulled it, opening her thighs. He lowered his hips and the tip of his cock rubbed against the opening of her pussy. She reached down with her left hand and aligned it. And then he penetrated her.

And the bed started shaking and creaking. Mansi felt pleasant sensations emanating from her loins as her husband fucked her. She always liked this. She always wished he did it more often. But she was brought up in too demure and conservative a way to ever make the first move. So she always had to wait until he felt horny. And this was the night. Their thighs made a soft slapping sound as Amar banged his wife fast. She put one hand under his kurta and played with his chest hair. As the sex continued, she felt herself getting more relaxed and also more pleasured.

She looked at Amar’s face on top of her. He was staring at her with a blank expression, occasionally kissing her. She closed her eyes. Suddenly an image flashed in her mind. The image of Duttsahab’s face as it was right next to her in the car. Panicked, she opened her eyes.

“What…happened?” Amar asked her.

“Nothing.” she whispered and kept her eyes open, focusing on her husband’s inert face. She was disturbed by why that old man’s face had suddenly flashed in front of her eyes. She did her best to not think about it, and kept looking at Amar, kissing him whenever he kissed her.

After a couple of minutes, Amar started humping her harder.

“Still on the pill?” he hoarsely whispered, on schedule.

“Yes.” she said.

Whenever he asked this, she knew what was coming. And soon he was cumming, inside her. It had been another enjoyable sex session. Amar stayed on top of his wife for a few seconds. Then he got up. As always, he wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the bathroom first to clean his sticky cock. When he came back, Mansi lowered her gown and did the same. When she came back from the bathroom, Amar was fully dressed, and in bed snoring.

She put her panties back on, and went to the living room. She carried her sleeping daughter back to the bed. And then fell asleep next to her.

Mansi got back to her regular life after her short introduction to high class living with Reena aunty and Duttsahab. She considered calling aunty to meet up again and talk about the job. But then she decided to give it a few days. She worried that if she contacted her again so soon, it might seem like she was again trying to mooch off a free expensive meal. Besides, thanks to that gift card, she was okay with finances for a while. There was enough money left on it to buy groceries and other supplies for almost two months if she stretched it. Which meant that the money from Amar’s salary could be used for other purposes.

The next few weeks were great for Pinky. Whenever she went out with her mother and made a random demand, most of the times, it was fulfilled. Be it ice cream or pastries or even small toys being sold here or there. She just had to ask and she would receive, as long as it was within reason.

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