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A new teacher is oblivious to the sex secrets of the school

SHE-MALE SCHOOL: A Teacher Seduced

After over fifteen years of teaching in public school systems in Canada, I was offered a job at a reclusive private school in southern California. I was in desperate need of a change in my teaching career, having been living an exhaustive mind-numbing routine. I was sick of the pressure to just pass everybody, I was sick of the entitlement issues of today’s students and truth be told I was sick of the six months of winter (it really is depressing when there is snow on the ground by mid-October).

At first, I balked at the job offer, but when the school’s Headmistress committed to paying all my relocation costs and offered a salary that was double my current salary in Canada, I couldn’t resist. Not to mention, southern California doesn’t get snow.

When the Headmistress of the school called me about the job, I was quite surprised since I never actually applied, but I remember the phone call vividly:

“Hi, is this Ms. Jasmine Winston?” asked a friendly female voice.

“Yes it is,” I answered, having just gotten home from work a few minutes earlier, after a rather exhausting day that had tested my patience.

“My name is Headmistress Alexis Carleton and I am in charge of an all girls’ school in southern California,” she introduced herself.

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