Thursday , March 30 2023

A nudist’s adventures while on the why home

I spent the holidays and a couple of weeks after at my
Dad’s place in Chicago. I was indoors and nude the
majority of the time. I had planned it that way so that
I wouldn’t have to haul three suitcases along with me.
My dad knows I am a nudist and that I intended to be
naked while I was visiting. He got divorced from my
stepmom last year and I think he was just glad to have
some company, so he told me that I could be naked during
my stay.

When I left my dad’s place, all I put on was my long
coat and some slippers. I figured I might as well be
comfortable while driving, so I wore as little as I
could and planned on taking that off once I got on the
highway. I was soon on the interstate and once I was
clear of the city, I slipped out of my coat and drove
nude. I caught the attention of several guys in big
rigs, and I just smiled and waved when I noticed them
watching me. I’m sure it was the highlight of their

I ended up having to stop and get a hotel room because
of bad weather. I hate driving in snow and heavy rain. I
got into Canton, Ohio around 9:30 at night, slipped my
coat back on, and checked in to a fairly cheap hotel
there to crash for the night. I had only fastened a
couple of buttons on my coat, and the creepy guy at the
hotel desk was noticeably trying hard to see inside. He
even walked with me to show me where my room was. Once
in my room, I shed my coat and started to run a hot

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