Thursday , March 23 2023

A poor Indian girl get consent of rich “future FIL”.

My name is Sudha and I belong to a lower middle class family. My father is a lower division clerk in some office and there are 4 other brothers and sisters in my family. My mother is house wife and financial condition of our home is not good.

We are normally in debt and I am the eldest of my siblings. I am 21 years old and studying in local college. I clearly know that my father is not able to arrange for my dowry, so I was going to be married to some lower class employee and will have to just dream for good and costly things in life.

Like other girls of my age, I also love the modern life and want to go to hotels and wear costly attires, but this all is not possible in my family. By now my father could not even get me a moped so I have to go to college on bus.

As I was not getting proper pocket money so to fulfill my needs I had befriended some boys from my class and they have been fulfilling my needs and were fucking me in return.

As I was regularly being fucked by my 3-4 friends so pocket money was not a problem but still I could not get better clothes, because then I will not be able to answer my mother’s questions.

Recently I got admission to a college in a nearby city.

Now I was seriously thinking about my future. I was not willing to get married to some poor shopkeeper and then keep struggling in life even for small needs. I was a modern girl and with desires to enjoy all the things which my rich classmates were enjoying with their father’s money.

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