Tuesday , March 21 2023

A Pregnant Bride’s Confession

Can you imagine how it feels 2 months after your
wedding to discover that you’ve married one of the big-
gest sluts in town?

I didn’t find out until she let me know that we
were expecting our first child.

“Darling, I have a confession to make and it’s
going to test if you really love me as much as you say
you do.” My wife said to me after dinner one night.

“Cindy dear, you know I do love you very much.
What do you have to tell me?” I asked inquisitively as
I held her hand.

“Honey. I do love you very much. You’re the only
boyfriend I’ve had that’s treated me like a lady. The only
one that respected me for the real me, not my body. You
really are the man of my dreams. The husband I’ve wanted
and needed. The man I’ve wanted to be the daddy of my

Listening to wife made my head swell mentally. I
pondered what was she leading up to, but I was enjoying the
ride so far. She went on.

“I didn’t tell you this before we got married for
fear of losing you darling. But, er, well I lied to you.
I did have sex with someone before you.”

“Oh, I-I see.” I said softly, not expecting that
this was the path she was heading down. “What was his name?
Have I-I met him yet? You know with me being new in town
and all.”

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