Thursday , March 23 2023

A present from Tokyo

Chantelle hated Tokyo.

The meeting that she’d planned for so long was a
complete bust. There was supposed to be equality in
Japan but no-one had gotten round to telling the
Japanese that. There were glass ceilings everywhere.
She’d seen perfectly competent women being forced to
serve Tea to complete idiots just because they happened
to be male.

It had made her bridle which hadn’t helped when her
hosts noticed it.

The meeting went cordially enough, there were lots of
smiles and bowing, but her intuition told her that it
was a blow out.

So sorry, there are areas that need clarifying, the
senior manager; who so sorry, was as not available, must
make the decision. We must have time to study your
proposal. So sorry.

And now she had to fly back to the States with the
bitter taste of defeat in her mouth. It was not
something she was used to.

Her career had been meteoric to say the least. Branch
manager at 24, executive VP at 26. She’d cut a swathe
through the company a mile wide.

She wasn’t averse to using her stunning goods looks and
naturally blond/white hair to get her where she wanted
to go. And her business suits were cut just a little
tight to show off her curves. But not so tight as to
occasion comments, after all this was a very
conservative business.

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